Friday, January 25, 2013

Noticing little things

Sometimes it still blows me away that Tony and I made this little kid.  It is truly amazing to watch him grow and learn new things every day. To watch him turn from our little baby into the little boy he is becoming.  He is so smart and clever and his sense of humor is growing so fast.

I love noticing new things about him.  Little things he does today that he didn't or couldn't do yesterday.  Little things that show me just how linked we really are.  Like his cowlick in the front of his hair (he got that from me) or his funky climbing toes (he got that Tony).

I usually hold Jax for a few minutes before I put him to bed.  Usually, I rub or scratch his back.  I never know if he likes it because he always puts his hand back there and plays with my hand.  So I stop and he continues to play with my hand.  Well, last night, when he did that, I asked him if he liked mommy scratching his back and he said yes.  I asked him if he wanted me to keep doing it and he said yes.  It made me smile.  This is only a cute story because that is exactly what Tony does when I am scratching his back and I stop.  He starts playing with my hand and tells me to keep scratching.  I am assuming that is what Jax was doing when he kept playing with my hand after I stopped.  I guess he was telling me to keep going.  Just like his daddy.

Everyone who knows me, knows that I have a weird way of eating my food.  I don't eat the ends of anything and anything can have an end. Even circles have an end. This has puzzled people all my life, but that is just the way I eat.  If anything is sticking out of my food, like an extra piece of crust, I have to pick it off, I won't eat it.  Well, I have noticed lately that Jax has some issues with what he will or won't eat too.  I gave him some chicken nuggets that other day and one had some extra crust sticking off of it and he said yucky and asked me to take it off.  I also only like to drink out of specific cups.  Some cups are too heavy or thick and they make the drink taste weird to me.  Well, we found out that Jax will only drink out of specific cups too.  We tried to give him some new sippy cups and he refused.  He likes what he likes. I'm sure he will grow out of this one pretty fast though. So far he doesn't have my "end" issues, but I just think it's cute that little parts of me are coming out in him. Even if they are "issues". :-)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I've got the magic kisses.

We are at the phase that when Jax gets a boo boo, he tells us "Ouwee, I got a boo boo right there."  The only way to make it better is for mommy or daddy to kiss it better.  I didn't know if I had the magic touch but once I bend down and kiss it better, Jax lets me know "I feel better now."  That makes me smile every time.  I'm so glad I've got the magical kisses to make my baby feel better when he needs it.