Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bless you and other words

All of a sudden, Jax says bless you every time someone sneezes or coughs.  It is so cute.  I guess he just picked it up from us saying it because we haven't been working with him on it at all.  It sounds like beshoo when he says it.  If he sneezes and you don't say it to him, he will say it to himself. 

What a polite little boy we've got here.

He also started saying I don't know.  I will ask him where his car or train is and he will shrug his shoulders, open his eyes real wide and say I-o-no?  So freaking cute.

He is learning so many new words every day.  He busts out with words we don't even practice, all the time.  It is amazing. 

My favorite word of his right now is fishy, which he pronounces ishy.  His little mouth is so cute, he's got a little lisp when he says it.  And I love you is still wuv woo.  But I don't mind.  As long as he says it.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Does this look like the face of a rebellious stubborn child?

The answer is a big fat YES. I knew we would have a stubborn kid.  There was no way not to.  Tony and I are two of the most stubborn people I know.  I met my match when I met him.  So naturally we would pass that trait down to our lovely little boy.  Not that I have any idea of what is to come with raising a child but I just didn't think the rebellion would start so soon.   Stupid me.

For example:
He knows he is not supposed to climb on the ledge of the fireplace.  But he will look at me as he is lifting one foot up and wait until I see him and say no, get down.  Then he will pull himself up there as fast as he can and he smiles the whole time he is doing it.  Like he is egging me on.  What are you gonna do about it mama?

He know's he is not supposed to eat dog food but once again, he waits until I see him to steal some and put it into his mouth. He thinks it's a treat. It must taste gross but he seems to like it.  Or he will eat Sadie or Joy's food and run to me with a smile on his face and chew really loudly, showing me what is in his mouth.  Like, see what I did?  What are you gonna do about it mama?  When I go to discipline him, his little mouth always smells like dog food.  How can you not smile at these things?  But we must be firm. :-/

As for bedtime, so far, he does own us.  For some reason, he is perfectly fine sleeping in his bed during naptime but when bedtime comes, he refuses to sleep in his bed unless I put him in there already asleep.  And then he still wakes up a few hours later and will not go back into his bed.  So for the past 1-2 months, he has been sleeping in our bed.  Thank goodness we have a king size bed or one of us would have to sleep in the other room.  I don't know how this started or why he refuses and keeps waking up but I really would like to have my bed back.  But once again, we have a very stubborn child and crying it out does not work.  He wins every time.  If we want any sleep, this is how we have had to do it for the past few months.   I don't know if he is having nightmares, or he doesn't know how to put himself back to sleep, or he just misses us but I would really like to fix this issue.  He is such a faker too.  he will be screaming bloody murder to 15 minutes and as soon as you go in to check on him, the tears are gone and he smiles at us and starts jumping on his bed pointing out all his animals to us. 

It's so hard not to smile or laugh at some of the things he does but I know we have to put our foot down and let him know who's boss or he will own us.

Easter in pictures

Life changes

Well, it's been a fun ride but my time of having 4 day weekends and sleeping in with my boys on Fridays and Mondays have come to an end.  As of next week, I have to go back to work full time.  It is bittersweet.  On one hand, I will get all my benefits back and I will be making a lot more money and saving a lot more and it should take some of the burden off of Tony.  On the other hand, I already miss the time I won't get to spend with Jax and Tony and just having time to myself to do what needs to be done and relax.  Part time really was the perfect way to work and have a life.  Now I'll just have to make the most of the weekends.

Hopefully it will be easier this time to work full time and have enough time at home to get everything done without being burned out.  When I went back to work after maternity leave, there just didn't seem to be enough hours in the day to get everything done and I missed my baby so much.  This time, I just hope it will be a little easier since Jax is more self sufficient and I don't have all those hormones running through my body. 

I was given the opportunity to go full time or quit but I had to make the decision within a 12 hour period.  There really was no choice.  I can't not work.  We make good money but I still need to work.  So I said I would come back on full time.  I really wish I could have had the summer to be home with him but changes at work made the impossible.  I have to learn some new skills and I hope I'm up to the task.  I'm gonna do my best, but who knows if that is good enough. 

Looking back, I am questioning if I used my extra time at home as well as I could have.  But I guess I shouldn't do that because I can't change it now.  It is what it is.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Bunny

We tried to take Jax to see the Easter Bunny last night but he wasn't having any of it.  Grandpa tried to ease him into the idea by putting him on his shoulders and getting as close as Jax would let him, but Jax freaked out pretty quickly.  I tried to show him there was nothing to be afraid of but he still freaked out.  So we stood in line for nothing and ended up taking pictures in front of the display with the little stuffed bunnies and chicks and eggs.  I knew he was gonna be scared of him but we had to try I guess.  Maybe next year.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

19 months

19 months, crazy how time flies.  I feel like I just wrote your 18 month post. 
Well, you've had a busy month.

  • Those 5 pesky teeth have finally made their way in and you seem to be eating a little better now.
  • You went to your first splash park and had a blast.  I wasn't sure how you would react to all the shooting water since you are afraid of the shower but you loved it right away.  You splashed and played for a good half hour.  I had so much fun watching you have such a good time.  Your face just lit up.
  • We also went to the zoo. You got to pet a llama, goat and see a rooster up close.  We discovered that you can say cock a doodle doo.  It sounds so cute.  You surprised us all with that one.
  • You rode a train.
  • You are letting us read actual stories now instead of just pointing things out on the pages. 
  • You are learning the ABCs song at school.
  • We count to 5 together.
  • New words are coming out of your mouth all the time now. 
  • No and mine are your favorite words at the moment.
  • You have a knack for turning away from the camera as soon as I go to take your picture.  You used to be such a good picture taker.  Now I'm lucky if I get a side view of your face.
  • You saw hot air ballons and an air show.
  • You rode your first carousel and you loved it.  Too bad we lost our camera with all our pictures on it.
  • You are still sleeping in our room most nights.  We don't know how to fix this.  So at this point, we are just going with whatever gets everyone a decent nights sleep.
  • We have switched to 2% milk.
  • You call bananas - nanas, Aunt Kristi - Isti , Kylee - Ky
  • You learned to say Ahma's name.  You are still working on Grandma and Grandpa, Uncle Tony and Karrie.
  • You can say Mark and Jen when you want to. You are choosy about when you want to show off.