Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Halloween 2013

Once again, Jax did not want to wear a costume this year.  He was Mike the Knight this year.  He cried and cried when we put it on him but I told him kids without costumes don't get candy.  I got him to school for his costume parade and finally got him to stop crying. But as soon as we walked in to the classroom, he burst into tears again.  Tony and I walked with him to trick or teat everyone at school and by the end, he was happier and got the hang of things.  Once we left, he had a blast, playing games and eating happy meals with his friends.

By the time I got him home to go trick or treating, he LOVED Halloween and dressing up.  As we were walking with him, he was saying how fun Halloween was and he loved being Mike the Knight.  His attitude totally changed from morning to night.  No more crying.  He did such a good job going to each house saying trick or treat and thank you. 

He even handed out some of our candy to the other kids.  My little baby is getting so big.

Pumpkin Patch 2013

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Bubble fun

So thoughtful

Some may find this gross but I found it beautiful, funny and endearing.
Unconditional Love is when you are rocking your 3 yr old to sleep, he looks up at you and says mommy, you have a booger in your nose. Then he says, here, I'll get it for you as he sticks his finger in my nose. What a sweet boy, but I think I can handle this myself Jax. Thanks anyway. Such a thoughtful boy we have. :-)

Friday, October 18, 2013

My kid is full of crap

This is a post about poop.

Jax has always had constipation problems but we've always been able to work them out...until recently.  this past omonth he has only been going maybe once or twice a week.  Then this last time he had gone a week and a half.  He was starting to walk all weird and hunched over and we could tell he was very uncomfortable.  We tried everything that had worked in the past, prunes, prune juice, miralax, probiotics, we even switched from regular milk to almond milk thinking maybe he was lactose intolerant.  But nothing worked.  We couldn't even get a pebble out of him.  He would go into corners and strain his little body out trying to push something out but nothing ever came.  So we took him to the doctor on Wednesday and the doctor said he was really impacted.  He said it is normal at this age when kids are potty training and if they go poop and it hurts then they are afraid to go again, so they just hold it in.  The doctor told us we had to do a flush out and if that didn't work, then we would have to go to the hospital so they could get him going.

So, I had to give him 5 capfuls of Miralax and suppositories on Wednesday.  I stayed home with him.  He had to drink about 3 cup fulls of the stuff and after that he looked pitiful.  He started going after about an hour or so and the first poop we got out of him, we were both so excited.  He said I pushed it out Mommy!  We I changed his diaper, I tried to squeeze it to feel how hard it was and it wouldn't eve budge.  It was like a rock.  No wonder he couldn't get it out.  The throughout the day he kept going and everything that came out was solid. We never even got to liquid poo.  He was so worn out at naptime that he fell asleep in my arms, which I loved.  He past out for 2 hours.

Since we didn't get everything out, we had to do it again on Thursday.  So Tony stayed hom with him.  He wasn't as cooperative with the solution so we didn't get as many poops but tony said the poop he got was huge and mushy so finally was seemed to have gotten all the blockages out.  Jax was acting like his old self and his belly had gone down a lot. 

We didn't get it to where the doctor wanted us to but we feel good about where we are so we are just going to continue on the maintenance schedule the doctor gave us and see how it goes.  I so hope it works.  We have to put off potty training for a while until we get things under control.  The doctor says we will have to do this maintenance for a few months until Jax can realize that it doesn't hurt to poop and will just start to go on a normal schedule and we can get normal poops out of him.

It was so hard to see him in so much discomfort but I'm glad he is back to him happy fun little self.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

3 years old

Jax is 3 now.  3 seems so much older and bigger than 2.  He isn't ready to be a big boy yet.  He tells me all the time,"I'm not a big boy."  Well, mama isn't ready for it yet either but it is happening whether we want it to or not.

He is growing in so many ways.  His vocabulary is crazy.  We have adult conversations all the time now. I've heard of the WHY phase of kids but I've never heard of the Where phase.  His new thing is asking where everything is, EXACTLY where it is.  I will tell him we are going to eat. He says, Where? I say at Panera. He says Where is Panera? I say it is at the mall. He asks where the mall is. I say it is down the street. He asks where down the street. Finally I just point in a certain direction and say over there. Then he finally stops asking.  It's cute but I can see what is coming next.

He has started using his imagination more lately.  His toys are coming alive and taking adventures now.  He has also expanded his TV shows from just Dora, Diego, and Mike the Knight, to Bubble Guppies and Yo Gabba Gabba.

He is so cuddly and loving with me lately.  I love it.  I love those special mornings when he is actually awake when I leave for work and he sees me and says I love you so much!  Then he asks me for a big hug before I go to work. It is the best thing ever and it doesn't happen very often so I treasure it.  It makes my day.  Some days I just walk into the room and he just busts out with I love you so much!  I will say it to Tony too sometimes.  I love that he is understanding what love is as much as a 3 yr old can.  

We had to put our dog Sadie down a little over a week ago.  It was hard to explain to him why she wouldn't be coming home but we just told him that she went to doggie heaven and now she didn't have any more boo boos and she could run and eat all the treats she wanted.  He seems okay with it.
He still sometimes says she is coming home but then remembers she is in doggie heaven.  He does say he misses her.

He is still a little introverted and doesn't like places with lots of people, people he doesn't know or too much noise but he handles it okay after a while.  

He is in a dance class and school that he likes.  We just started him in a computer class that he is not too sure about because he doesn't know the teacher. 

We are about 90% daytime potty trained.  If he could poop on a normal schedule, we would be 100%.  We are working on it.  Naps and nighttime, he is still in a diaper.  He still gets 1 bottle of milk at night that I know we need to drop, but neither of us can do it.  It breaks my heart to lose this last little baby thing and he cries and cries if he doesn't get it.  I know it needs to happen if we ever want to get nighttime potty trained so we are working on it.

At his 3 yr old doctor appt. he weighed 35 lbs and is 38 inches tall.  Doctor said he will be taller than Tony is he keeps this up.  He is in 4T clothes and is almost out growing those in shirts.  He wears size 8-9 shoes and hates having to get new ones.  He gets used to them and then grows out of them and pitches a fit for days every time we move up a size.  Just one of his little quirks I guess.

He is a very opinionated little boy and knows what he wants and doesn't want.  He is a mama's boy but he loves his time with his daddy.  They can play fight and rough house and I can't.  They also like to play video games together.  He likes to find Joy the cat and chase her around from behind the couch. 

I just love this little kid so much. 


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Jax's 3rd birthday party

We had a great time this weekend celebrating Jax turning 3.  First, on his actual birthday, he celebrated at school with homemade cupcakes.  He helped me make them and was so proud of himself.  He cracked an egg, helped me mix, and put on the icing.  He even got to lick the beater.
After school, Tony, Jax, my mom and I all had a cupcake and Jax got to blow out his candles.  He thought it was so cool, he wanted to do it again.  So I figured, he's 3, so we let him blow out the candles 3x.

Throughout the week I kept telling him about his Diego party and that we were gonna have  bounce house and cake and friends and family and lots and lots of fun.  He was so excited the night before when I put up all his decorations.

On Saturday, we had about 26 people at our house to celebrate Jax.  He was a good sport about everything and had a great time bouncing in the bounce house, riding the tractor with grandpa, hitting the pinata, and just playing around the back yard.  He would have stayed in that bounce house all day if we let him. I think everyone had a great time.

We ended the day by watching video I made for him.  All and all, everything turned out better than I had hoped.  Jax had a great birthday and that's the most important thing.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Potty Training 3.0

We started potty training Jax again about a month ago.  At first he was hesitant to go on the potty, but once he got the hang of it, he seemed to do a good job of peeing on the potty and he was very proud of himself.  We gave him either a marshmallow or 2 jelly beans for each time he succeeded.  Soon it turned into a marshmallow AND 2 jelly beans each time, but as far as I'm concerned, whatever works.  He is still in diapers for naps and bedtime but one thing at a time.

Jax has always had issues with pooping on a normal schedule.  Usually when he has to go, he is constipated and goes in a corner and tells us to leave him alone while he does his business.  So I knew when it came time to potty train, that pooping on the potty was gonna be hard.  So far the only success we have had with it is a couple poops that accidentally ended up in the potty while he was peeing, which he thought were hilarious.  He really does try to poop on the potty but he is either afraid to release it or it just isn't ready to come out when he is on there.  We really need to figure this pooping issue out quick.  I gave him some prune pudding the other day to help him along and for the past 2 days at school he has gone through 3-4 pairs of underwear because of the pooping in his pants.  It's like he is making up for lost time and pooping a weeks worth of poop in 1-2 days.  I can't keep up with it. 

Yesterday, he started saying he was a bad boy while on the potty and I kept telling him that he wasn't and that everyone has accidents.  He just needs to tell someone when he has to go. He just kept crying and saying he was bad even though he was peeing on the potty at that moment. It broke my heart to think he was letting himself down when I know it's all part of the process of learning to go on the potty.  I feel so bad for him because I know if his bowels were on a "normal" schedule, then we wouldn't have this problem.  He eats lots of fibrous foods and fruit and drinks lots of water so I don't know what the problem is.  We have he 3 yr old appt. in September so I will bring it up then.  I just hope he can get the hang of pooping in the potty before then.  He is doing so good with peeing in the potty. We are proud of him.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Funny little moment

I don't know if this was the first time he had done this or just the first time we had all noticed, but, last night as we were giving Jax his bath, he discovered that when you fart in the bathtub, it makes bubbles.  He farted, and the bubbles almost scared him, he jumped up a little and Tony asked, did you fart? And he said yes, laughing.  Tony explained to him how farting in the water makes bubbles.  He seemed to think it was pretty funny.  So funny that he did it again before it was time to get out.  Tony thought it was great and Jax past another rite of passage.  It was a funny little moment.  I'm sure there will be more where that came from.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Dancing with a girl

His first dance with a girl and she is not letting go. Look at his moves. 

Ear ache

There is something so special about being the only person who can make my little baby feel better.  Yesterday was my day to sleep in.  All of a sudden Jax comes in the room crying and tells me his ear hurts.  He was just whining and crying It Hurts! It Hurts!  I had never seen him like that before. My heart hurt for him.  I asked him where it hurt and he said his ear.  I asked if it hurt inside or outside and he said inside.  He just kept crying and putting his head on the pillow and rolling closer to me.  I felt so helpless but I cuddled him the best I could.  I picked him up and gave him some Tylenol hoping it would take away the pain quickly.  I rocked him as he cried.  Tony tried to see if Jax wanted him to hold him and Jax said no, mommy hold me, make me feel better. Once the medicine started to kick in, Jax looked at me, still crying a little bit and asked for some Scooby Do snacks.  I said, do you think that will make you feel better?  And he said yes (of course).  So I gave him some Scooby snacks and he was fine for the rest of the day.  What is funny about that is this morning, Tony said he complained about his ear a little bit and asked for the Scooby snacks again, not the medicine but the snacks.  I guess in his little mind that is what made him feel better, plus he gets a snack. :-)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Spring school pictures


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My imaginative jokester

Jax has got such a jokester personality already.  When we are singing sometimes he will just insert the word TREE into the song.  For instance he will sing... Jesus love the tree, this I know, for the tree tells me so...etc.  he is such a dork.  Lately his new thing is whenever I tell him I love him, I say I love you THIS MUCH (with my arms open wide).  His response is I love you this much (he touches his fingers together in a real small ball and looks at me and smiles).  He waits for me to look at him in shock and spread his arms wide open and then laughs at me.  He's suck a little dork. 
But I love him THIS MUCH (with my arms open wide).

last night after we put Jax to bed, we heard the door to the hallway move.  So we called out to Jax to see if it was him or the dog.  Sure enough, we see the door open and Jax is on the floor.  We asked him why he was on the floor and he said, "I'm a fish.  I swim all the way out here."  He is waving his arms like a fish as he is telling us.  It looked so cute.  But we sent him back to bed.  Half hour later, we hear the same thing and there is our little fish again.  He swam on the floor all the way to the living room.  Tony thought it was so cute that he told Jax he could sit with us and watch TV even though it was 10:30.  He is just so cute.  Maybe you had to be there to understand how cute and imaginative this little scene was but it was great.  His imagination is really starting to come out now.  He is also afraid of lions. 

We must have some in our house because that is what he always tells me he is scared of.

Cousin Lexi

This weekend we went down to Mark and Jen's house to meet our new baby niece/cousin.  Jax was very excited to meet her.  I told him the day before that we were taking a trip to go see her and when he woke up the next morning the first thing he said was "We going to see Lexi today."  
He was very good with her.  He rubbed her cheeks and head and gave her a kiss before we left.  She is so small and cute.  Jax was never that small so it was a little different than holding him.  She is a very quiet baby.  Didn't cry at all while we were there.
Hopefully they can grow up knowing each other and being great friends/cousins.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Big boy underwear

I just have to say how freaking cute Jax looks in his big boy underwear.  I got him to wear some for a little bit last night.  I gave him the option of Boots or Diego and he picked Boots...then Diego...then Boots...then Diego...this went back and forth about 3-4x when I finally put my foot down and told him he had to pick one.  So he went with Diego.  We put them on and I told him to go show daddy.  He showed Tony and we both made such a big deal about what a big boy he was for wearing them.  I gave him a marshmallow just for wearing them. 

I told him to let me know when he had to pee or jsut go into the bathroom. He said he understood.  We watched a 30 minute show and he got up and stood in front of the bathroom door.  I asked if he had to go and he turned around and peed on the floor.  Oh well.  He did what he was supposed to do, just didn't make it to the potty. 

I was so proud of him for getting the concept.  I cleaned him up and told him he could wear his Boots underwear tomorrow. 

He looks so grown up in those cute little undies. 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pure joy

Yesterday, Jax faced his fears.  Most of the time, he is a little scaredy cat of anything new.  We went to the carnival yesterday.  Last time we went, he would only ride the carousel.  He was afraid to ride anything else.  Well, I guess he decided he was gonna be brave because he rode the carousel, the bus that goes round and round in the air, the motorcycles and he climbed all the way to the top of the slide all by himself.  Granted, he didn't have the courage to slide down, but everybody knows the fun part of that is climbing to the top anyway. 

As his mommy, my heart was just overflowing with pride and awe to watch him on those rides and see the look of pure joy on his face.  It is rare to see that innocence and joy of experiencing something so new and fun for the first time at our age anymore.  You could tell he was having so much fun and he was so proud of himself for riding all by himself like a big boy. Lots of happy moments yesterday.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Singing songs

Everyone who knows me, knows that I do not sing in front of people. Not because I can't sing, but I have a fear of it. Anyway, I'm sure I've sung bits and pieces of songs in front of Tony in the car but for the majority of the rest of the world, I do not sing.  Except for with Jax.  At first I started out humming to him when he was a wee baby and that seemed to help him sleep.  But recently, I started actually singing to him when I am holding him or rocking him before bed.  He always looks up at me and just stares and smiles until I'm done.  Then he asks me to sing it again over and over.  So I do.  I only sing 3 songs to him because my mind draws a blank when I try to think of any others.  I sing You Are My Sunshine, Goodnight Sweetheart, Well It's Time To Go and Old McDonald.  I'm actually flattered that he likes my singing since I never let anyone else hear what I sound like.

Last night after I was done singing, he asked me to sing the banana song.  I had no idea what he was talking about.  So I asked him if it was a song he learned at school.  He said yes.  I told him he would have to sing it since I didn't know it.  He said, okay, I sing it. 

And with his lovely little baby voice he began to sing:
Banana, banana, boble theisoie d, eit banana, banana.
I guess he forgot the words, but he still sang the mumble jumble in tune.

Then he asked me to sing the frog song.  Once again, I told him I didn't know it.  So he sang it to me.
Froggy froggy up in the treeFroggy froggy go up the mouuuuuntain
adkfojfa afafj a dkfjaoifjaiop
Froggy froggy up in the tree
Froggy froggy go up the mouuuuuntain

So there you have it. The banana and frog songs.  He has such a sweet little voice.  He might even be able to carry a tune when he gets older.  He sounds pretty good now.  We know what side of the family he got that from.  ;-)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Having a little fun

 He almost got the camera wet. He's got such a funny sense of humor.

 He looks so sweet.  He couldn't hear a thing.

Always chasing the balloons.