Monday, October 29, 2012

Daddy do...Jax do

So Tony and I are sitting on the floor in the living room watching TV and all of a sudden Tony farts.  I get all disgusted and yell at him and Jax comes over to us and I say Jax, daddy farted!  Ewe, Yucky!  He looks at me and says daddy fart, Jax fart and he stands there and sticks his butt out and pushes out a fart, smiles and leaves the room.  Tony and I busted out laughing.  Tony was so proud and all I could think of was this is what my life is going to be like now.  Boys!!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Pacifier and sleeping through the night

Somehow, after 2 years, we have maybe finally gotten rid of the pacifier.  Good thing too, because we only have 1 more of the kind that he likes and they don't make them anymore.  3 days ago I put him to bed without it and he didn't ask for it.  Then he took a nap the next day and didn't ask for it and so on and so forth.  I have heard it takes 2 weeks to kick a habit.
Maybe just maybe we have nipped it in the bud.  Fingers crossed.

Also, he has been sleeping through the night in his bed for the past 2 weeks.  We told him he was gonna have to stay in his bed until the sun woke up from now on.  It took a couple of nights to get adjusted but now he pretty much makes it all night until about 7am in his bed.  Then he wanders into our bed and either goes back to sleep for a bit or asks to watch Dora.  I miss him being next to me all night but finally after 2 years, we have our bed back.  Amen.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Not by choice, but over the past year, I have had to accept the fact that Jax will be our only child. It is only recently that I have really come to accept it.  It tears me up inside just writing about it because it makes it that much more real.  I really wanted him to have a sibling, someone that even when they didn't get along, they would always have that brotherly/sisterly bond and someone to be by them even when we are gone. I don't talk to my sister everyday or see her every week but I know if I needed her she would be there.  She knows things no one else knows about me for the simple fact that she is my sister.  We haven't always gotten along but we have a bond that is forever, no matter what.  I just wanted that for Jax but I can't give it to him and that sucks.  I wish he had a closer relationship with his cousins but that hasn't really happened yet.  I don't know if it is because he is younger or what, maybe when he is older they will hang out more.

When Jax was 3 months old, I tripped over the dog while holding him and I saved him from getting hurt and not me.  I got 3 bulging discs in my neck and back and have tried everything from Icy Hot to shots to massage and chiropractors and medication to take away my pain.  I had hoped that my pain would go away or we could find a solution to fix me but the only thing that works is medication.  Medication that I cannot stop.  If I do, I cannot pick up or play with my baby and I am in terrible pain 24 hours a day.  How can I get pregnant or be pregnant if I can't stop the meds?  The answer is I can't.  At this point, there is no end game to this medication.  I am on it for the long haul.  Adoption is not an option for us.  Some people are made to adopt and some people are not.  We are not.  So this is the situation we are in.

I have been trying to focus on the positives of having only one child.  We can spoil him (if we want).  We can send him to the best schools. He won't have to share our attention or clothes with anyone else.  We can be there for all the important stuff and not have to split it up or alternate between another kid.   We can save more money for our future and for his college.  He will be more independent.  I know there are more things, these are just some of them.

Jax is imperfect perfection to me...if that makes sense.  He is as stubborn as Tony and I put together and has my temper and hates vegetables, and is scared of loud noises and loves to throw things he's not supposed to but he also gives hugs and kisses and tells us he loves us and sleeps just like his daddy and has my chin and a giggle that makes me laugh so hard and I love all of it.  Every little bit of him, I love. 

If he is the only little baby I get to have, then I am blessed beyond what I deserve.  He is everything I hoped and prayed he would be.  He got the best and worst of Tony and I and I love all of it.

I am sad and happy right now.

Friday, October 12, 2012

First REAL haircut.

I had been putting Jax's haircut off for too long.  I tried to cut it a couple times at home but the sides have just gotten out of control.  So it was time for the real deal. We explained to him what was going to happen and he seemed okay with it.  He said no a few times but didn't put up a fuss when it was time to get it done.  

 We tried to have him sit in the chair by himself but he wasn't having any of that.  So mommy sat in the chair and Jax sat on my lap.  Tony was getting his hair cut right next to us which I think made it easier seeing daddy get it done too.  So I told the lady not to cut too much off, just clean him up a little.  So she started cutting and Jax just sat there and we talked and played while she cut away. 

 Jax did a great job and he looks so handsome and grown up now.  
Still my sweet cute little baby boy.
October 7, 2012  5:15pm

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Gross story

Here is another gross story from the land of Jax.
Last night I was getting dinner ready so I told Jax to go play in his playroom for a little bit.  I went into the living room for a few minutes while the water was boiling and I realized I hadn't heard anything from Jax in a few minutes so I went to look in the playroom for him.  He wasn't there.  So I continued to look and I found him on the kitchen floor, squatting over the dog/cat water bowl with Sadie's chew bone.  I looked at him and asked him what he was doing?  I already knew the answer wasn't gonna be good.  He looked at me, took the chew bone, put it in the nasty water that I had asked Tony to change for the past week but he didn't, used the chew bone as a spoon, swirled it in the water and proceeded to put it in his mouth and suck it all in. This water was nasty as you can imagine. I almost puked right there.  He had probably been having a nice little drink for about 3-5 minutes before I found him. I immediately told him to stop what he was doing.  I got down to his level as I am still dry heaving and he proceeds to pull a wet dog hair out of his mouth. (Insert puke in mouth.) 

Why oh why is my kid obsessed with the dog's water bowl.  It can't taste good. Hopefully he can't contract any dog germs from it.  Ugh!  It still makes me sick just writing about it.

I have to wonder if this is just something that my kid does or is it a common occurrence?  I'm probably just lucky. ;-\

Monday, October 1, 2012


Waddle Waddle

I love you