Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bottle feeding

I feel conflicted that I still give Jax anywhere from 1-3 bottles of milk a day.  I know most people have stopped bottle feeding by 1-1.5 years old but it is such a sweet bonding experience that we both still enjoy.  Holding him, looking at each other, cuddling, we both just love it.  He takes milk and water from a sippy cup throughout the day but I still put him to bed with a bottle every night.  Maybe that's part of our problem with his sleeping habits but neither of us want to give it up yet.

We have started to do away with the morning and nap bottles but the night time bottle is just so hard to give up.  I don't understand why it's okay to breastfeed your baby all day until whatever age you want to stop, but giving your 2 year old a bottle is taboo.  I get the whole deal that it is bad for his teeth if we don't brush before going to bed.  But we have a good brushing system going on, (knock on wood). For the most part, it is society that is making me feel guilty about doing this.  I think whatever works for your family is all a point.  But I see nothing wrong giving my 20 month old a bottle at night.

I'm going to try to stop beating myself up over it.  He's gonna grow up too fast soon enough, no need to push him faster than either of us are ready to go.

Monday, May 21, 2012


My mom is gonna love this post.

Jax officially thinks farting is funny.  Farting is funny, but once again, I didn't think he would pick up on that this early.  I don't know when he figured it out or if Tony has been secretly "working on it" with him but every time he farts now, he looks at me and smiles or laughs.  Then he will try to push another one out for good measure.  I can't help but laugh at him when he does this.  Tony thinks it is hilarious and is so proud of his boy.  I have been teaching him to at least say excuse me when he does it so it looks like we are teaching him some sort of manners.  I guess this is what I signed up for when I gave birth to a boy. 
Funny stuff.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

ABCs and Rain

Here is jax saying his ABCs.  I think he is pretty dang smart. 

Here he is playig in the rain for the first time.  He enjoyed every sprinkle.

I love watching him discover new things everyday.  It is magical.

Monday, May 7, 2012

20 months

I can't believe that in 4 months, Jax will be 2 years old.  This year has been so full of new and fun experiences for all 3 of us.  Jax has been a busy little boy this month.

You know all the names of your friends in school.

You are a bit of a loner at times but are very interested in the other kids your age and like to play with them too.  You play well on your own and you are beginning to use your imagination with your toys.

You still love to read.  We are reading real stories now and not just pointing at objects on the page.  You listen and are learning patience.

I noticed that I had never heard you sing before.  So I started singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and you picked up the next verse and sang the melody in your own little language.  That seems to be the only song you know so far but we are working on others.

You have a very strong and stubborn personality.  I guess we shouldn't expect anything less.  Mommy and Daddy are both very stubborn so we are not surprised to see we passed this on to you. 

We are still trying to figure out the sleeping situation but you have had some good days recently so maybe we are on a roll.

We say the ABCs almost everyday.  You can repeat every letter and sometimes you say 3 letters in a row all by yourself. 

You are running very fast now.  You have also figured out how to jump correctly.  You also like to make yourself dizzy by turning around in circles. 

You love sitting at the computer with me, looking at pictures and videos of yourself or of other babies and kids.  When we are done, you always ask for more.  We do this almost every day.

You really love feeding Sadie any food you don't want or just giving her a treat or some of your snacks.  You guys have become good friends lately.  I think it is because you are sneaking her food all the time.

You are in a big throwing phase.  It's not fun for anybody but you and we are trying to get you to stop doing it.  But, like I said, you are stubborn and want to do what you want to do.

Your vocabulary has exploded.  I can't even keep up with all the new words you are saying on a daily basis anymore.  You are saying lots of 2 word sentences and a few 3 word sentences. 

Your favorite words right now are MINE, NO, and I DON'T KNOW (sounds like ow-no).

You have shown that you are empathetic.  Mommy got a boo boo yesterday and you cried for me and gave me a hug.  You will also kiss boo boos away, just like mama and daddy do.

You know which house is ours and whose car belongs to whom.

You are still a picky eater.  You will eat daddy's pb&j crust but you won't eat a pb&j sandwich.  Weird.

You don't know how to use the word YES correctly.  Your answer is pretty much NO to everything even if you mean YES.  We are working on it.

You have started to become interested in some cartoons lately.  But for the most part, you still don't have much interest in TV.

You are pushing your boundaries a lot lately.  When you are doing something you know you shouldn't be doing, you make sure we are watching and then you see how much you can get away with before you get in trouble.

You are still so sweet and lovable and cuddly and I hope you stay that way for a very long time.  You are showing your independance more and more but you still need your mommy and daddy for so much.  I love you so much.

Friday, May 4, 2012

My crazy haired baby


Not so happy.  Look at all those teefies.