Friday, January 28, 2011

Tony & Jax

It's so neat to see Tony with Jax.  He's gotten so comfortable with him.  If I'm holding Jax, and Tony is in the room, Jax is all about making faces with his daddy and doing silly spitting noises.  He sings little songs for him too. Tony likes to say he's indifferent to Jax, but when he's with him, everyone around him can see that he loves that little guy.  I think he's a little embarrassed to show it, so he denies it, but it's obvious.  Jax just loves his daddy too.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Growth pictures

Here he is from his introduction to the world to a few days ago.  He is getting so big and fun.  Love him.

Rolling over

I think we have a roller on our hands.  We laid him on the blanket in the living room and Tony kept propping him up on his arms.  He cried and fussed and wiggled and I guess he finally got mad enough that he kicked correctly and threw his body in the right direction and he rolled over.  He didn’t want to do it again though.  He kept trying to roll but his arm got in his way.

Friday, January 21, 2011

My lil redheaded pale baby

I am as pale as they come.  I hated it growing up, being all freckled and white.  I've never been a beach bunny, even when I had the body for it because beach bunnies are tan.  One year in high school, I wanted a tan so bad, I mixed baby oil and iodine together, slathered it on and laid out all summer with my best friend (who was as tan as they come).  What did I get from it?  Not much of a tan, just lots of sunburns and peels.  Peer pressure I guess.  I still haven't come to terms that I will never be tan but I'm getting more okay with it.  Growing up, if you asked anyone who knows me what kind of guy I wanted to marry when I grew up and they would say...someone with dark skin so my babies will have a tan.  So, here I am, married to a guy with Italian blood running through his veins, one who gets pretty tan when he wants to and my kid's skin is porcelin white and he looks as though he will have some sort of red in his hair.  I thought I would be giving my kid a chance mixing it up with Tony's genes but no such luck.  Jax is an angelicly porcelin pale skinned red head.  Go figure.  He's beautiful and perfect. :-)


Finally, after almost 2 weeks of crying everytime I tried to breastfeed Jax, he nursed last night without a peep.  I was so nervous he would get upset in the middle of it, that I didn't move an inch the entire time and I only took shallow breaths but it was worth it.  Hopefully we will get back on schedule now.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Is it too soon for Jaxson to be waving at me?  I swear he has waved at me several times the past few days.  I'll wave and say hi and he waves his little hand.  Maybe he doesn't know what he's doing but it sure looks like a wave hello.

Bad mama

I felt like a bad mother yesterday.  I took the day off to just get some sleep and hang out with Jax and just relax.  Well, my day didn't go at all as I planned.  I woke up with a sore throat, headache and my ears hurt.  So I ended up at the doctor's office, got some meds and went home.  I treated myself to a DQ blizzard thinking that would make me feel a little better, but all it did was remind me that I need to lose weight, so I felt guilty about eating it.  Oh well, I ate it anyway.  Jax has been teething or something for the past week and has been very irritable when it comes time to eat.  All weekend he gave me trouble breastfeeding.  He did fine eating from the bottle but when it came from me, he refused almost everytime.  We tried giving him Tylenol and Orajel but they only worked if I  fed him like an hour after giving it to him, so in the meantime, he would be screaming or whining.  You can't really time when a baby is hungry.  They are when they are and they let you know if you are late.  I was getting very frustrated and feeling rejected.  I know it isn't his fault but I couldn't help but be a little resentful to the little guy.  All I could think of was that he is gonna ruin my supply and we are gonna have to stop breastfeeding if he didn't wise up and eat from me.  Why can't he realize what a good thing we've got going here?  This is our time together and he's ruining it.  I ahd to pass him off to Tony a few times because I was so frustrated.  I know he could feel my frustration and that was part of the problem.  I know he is in pain and can't help it if it feels better to eat from the bottle.  I just felt like a terrible mama yesterday for having those thoughts.  I'm sure it's normal to feel this way from time to time but I still felt bad.  Tony doesn't understand any of it.  I swear sometimes he is just so basic in his thinking.  He has no empathy and says the wrong things at the wrong times sometimes.  If he has never experienced it, he doesn't get it.  Anyway, this isn't about him.  Jax had a terrible night which means we all had a terrible night.  I thought he was asleep and went in the room to go to bed only to find him wide awake.  I gave him to Tony thinking he would go back to sleep pretty easy, having just been fed, but no, he screamed for an hour and a half.  Nothing could console him.  We tried feeding him again, burping him, rocking him, putting him in the swing, playing with him, nothing worked.  So I fed him another ounce and he was out like a light for the rest of the night at 1 am.  So much for my restful day with my kid.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

4 month shots and appt

We went to get his 4 month shots yesterday, and after sitting in the waiting room for an hour and then sitting in the exam room for almost another hour, we finally got it done.  This time he was more aware and looking around at all the dinosaur images on the walls but he kept getting ansy in the long wait.  It sucks that it takes this long to get them done.  Not fun trying to entertain a baby in a doctor's office for 2 hours but I did it.  He fell asleep a couple of times and we played on the table for a while but by the time the nurse came in to give the shots, we were both ready to go.  She did them much faster than the last time.  3 shots in the legs.  He screamed like I have never heard before.  I had to tell him to breathe (not that he understood me or anything) but once he started sucking on his pacifier he settled down and within 5 minutes he was back to his happy little self.  then we went home and ate some lunch and we both passed out for about 2 hours.  This mama needed a nap too.
He is now 14lbs 12oz, 25 inches long and his head is 16.75 inches around.  My little baby boy is getting bigger everyday.  Love him to pieces.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Yuck all around...

Well, Jax has finally started pooping again, but now it is this nasty thick pasty green poop I've never seen before.  And it stinks like nothing I've ever smelled before.  I'm not too concerned yet.  He isn't in pain and doesn't look uncomfortable so I'm just gonna watch it until his appt next Tuesday.  His farts are still disgusting and lingering. 
He peed on his face for the first time on Sunday night.  I was changing him and I looked away for a second to get another diaper and wham, pee right in his eyes, mouth, ears, everywhere.  He looked at me like why did you let this happen, and then proceeded to scream for the next 15 minutes.  Finally I had to just feed him to get him to stop.  I'm sure it was really traumatic and I don't think pee would taste very good so you can't really blame him.  I'd probably cry too.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Kicked the swaddle

I think we may have kicked the swaddle.  Jaxson hasn't been swaddled in over a week.  He has been doing great staying asleep for 5 hours at a time once we put him down.  Now if we can only get him to go to bed before 11pm that would be great.  No more slapping himself in the face.  If he could keep the pacifier in his mouth or just not need it, we would be in heaven and somewhat back to a normal sleeping arrangement.  I still have to put it back in his mouth at least 2x a night.  Pain in the butt.

Speaking of butts, :-) he has only pooped 1x since last Thursday.  I'm not too worried since I've heard and read that breastfed babies can sometimes go up to a week without pooping.  But...his farts, which are becoming more frequent, are so foul!  Ugh, it is disgusting.  These things are like stink bombs.  And they linger.  He will fart several times while I'm nursing him and I have no escape. It's so gross.  He woke Tony up this morning from one.  I wish he would just poop out whatever he's got going on in there so we won't have to deal with the farts anymore.  Yuck!