Monday, March 10, 2014

Anatomy questions

So, yesterday, Jax was in the bathroom and after he finished his business he looks at his penis and says mommy I think my penis is broke.  I said Jax, your penis is not broke. He said, but mommy I think it is broke. I said, I guarantee you that your penis is not broke. Why do you think it is broke?  He said, there is a hole in it.  I said, that is just where the pee comes out of it.  Then he asked, who put that hole there?  I said, God put that hole there so you could go potty.  And that was the end of that conversation.
I guess they have to learn somehow.   I thought it was so cute and innocent.  It is amazing how their brains work and how they try to figure things out.

He also saw Tony's chest hair and asked why he had hair on his chest.  We told him when boys get older, that's what happens.  We said one day you will have it on your chest too.  He just said ewe and no and laughed.  Then he looked at me and said you have hair on your chest too?  And I said no, only boys get that.