Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sippy cups and pacifiers

We have a very particular boy.  He likes what he likes and will give you the stink eye and pitch a fit if you try to give him anything else.  We are are having a situation with sippy cups and pacifiers.  Throughout Jax's life, we have probably bought about 25 pacifiers, yet we can only find 3.  To make matters worse, the kind that Jax's likes are discontinued.  And when I say the kind that Jax likes, I really mean the only kind he will allow within a 5 foot perimeter of his mouth.  I have looked everywhere for these stupid things and I've come to find that they have changed the design.  There is only a slight difference in color and shape of holes on the sides but Jax is no dummy.  He knows if I try to give him one of the updated versions and he will through it across the room and yell at me if I even offer it.  Such a predicament.  Do we buy the last of his kind that are online or do we just decide this is the end of pacifiers once we lose these?  I think we are leaning more towards the latter but we got a preview of what no more pacifiers looks like and it ain't pretty.

Same thing with the sippy cups.  Jax likes a certain kind and they no longer sell it.  I tried buying him some with Dora and Elmo and Cars on it but he is smarter than I give him credit for.  Either the top is too hard or too soft or too big for his little mouth and he throws it on the floor.  He will go without drinking just so he doesn't have to drink out of those cups.  Such a particular little boy.  Such a little butthead! :-)  Gotta make it harder for us.  I really don't know what to do about this issue.  I guess he is gonna have to switch to big boy cups sooner than later.

I still wonder where all those pacifiers have gone.  I guess we will find them when we move in 20 years.  I'm certain the house has eaten them.

Monday, September 10, 2012

2nd birthday video

click on the link below and turn up your speakers for an awesome video of all the things Jax has been up to this past year. :-)
Jaxson's 2nd birthday video

Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Two years ago, I became a mama.  It is the best job I have ever had.  I love being your mommy and everything that comes with it.  From the good night cuddles to the freak out of nowhere tantrums.  I love it all.  You are growing up way too fast.  But I am so proud of the little boy you are becoming.

This year we had a Mickey Mouse party for you. You woke up and saw the Mickey Mouse banner on the wall and you were so excited, you were jumping up and down yelling Mickey! Donald! Goofy! Like they were really there in front of you inperson. It was the sweetest thing. Once again, the wrapping paper was more exciting than your gifts at times but you really had fun playing with your new toys once things settled down. You were really excited to see everyone.



 Happy Birthday Jaxson!