Wednesday, February 23, 2011

No such luck

Well, sleeping through the night was a one night deal I guess.  Jax went to bed at 8:30 and woke up at 11:30 and then again at 3:00am and 7am.  I'm tired and now to top it off, I have a cold.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised after being spit on , sneezed on, and coughed on for the past 2 weeks.  I'm going to bed early tonight (yeah right) or at least I'm going to atempt to.  I think Jax is starting to ween himself off of breastfeeding.  He is going shorter and shorter lengths at the breast.  My goal was 6 months, so we are almost there but I'm not sure I'm ready to quit yet.  Hopefully he will continue to nurse until I am mentally ready for him to stop.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Slept through the night

Last night we pumped this kid full of milk and formula because he just would not stop crying.  He still is not feeling 100% from being sick.  Finally around 11:15, after rocking him and feeding him about 7-8 oz of milk/formula, he fell asleep...and he slept all night.  I think I woke up once just out of habit and then my alarm went off at 6:45am.  I had to look at him to make sure he was still breathing and he was fast asleep.  I hated to wake him u pbut I had to feed him before I went to work.  He went right back to sleep afterward and slept til 9:30.  I won't bank on it, but I hope this becomes a trend.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Jax does Superman

Thursday, February 17, 2011

3 hours & growth update

So I spent 3 hours in the doctors office yesterday just so the doctor can tell me that Jax is doing better.  Gee thanks for telling me what I already knew and taking so long to do it.  Thankfully Jax is feeling a bit better since starting on the meds and he has a little more spark to him the past couple of days.  He is still really whiney and is coughing but overall, he is getting better.  We measured him while we were there because I can't seem to keep up with what size clothes to buy him.  He is growing like a weed.  He pretty much just skipped the 6month size clothes and fits perfectly in the 9month clothes which looked so big.  He is 25 3/4 inches long and weighs 16 pounds.  I have no idea what percentile that is but I assume it is somewhere in the middle from what I've researched.  He isn't really wanting to breastfeed very much lately.  He cries when I lay him down to do it and he will only attached for about 5-10 min on each side now.  He used to go 15 on each side everytime.  I don't know if he is just being more efficient or if it's because he is sick and it's just easier to suck on the bottle.  I'm sticking it out but I hate having to pump at home and work.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Jax has bronchiolitis, basically a baby form of bronchitis.  He has been miserable for about 5 days now and he was just getting worse and worse, so I took him to the doctor yesterday.  Got a breathing treatment.  Now he's on 3 meds which he doesn't like the taste of one bit.  He slept most of the day yesterday.  When he would briefly wake up, I felt like I had missed him even though I had been with him all day.  He was a trooper though, giving me a smile even though I know he felt like crap.  It was so sad seeing him so miserable.  He actually gave me a few hugs for the first time.  Every now and then, I would just watch his little chest move up and down making sure he was still breathing.  I know I'm not the only mom who does this, so I don't feel like a freak.  He slept much better last night so maybe the meds are working...hopefully.  He weighs 16 pounds now.

Monday, February 7, 2011

5 months

Well, at 5 months:
  • Jax is weighing in at around 16.2 pounds.  He feels like more sometimes. 
  • He is babbling all the time now and talks and laughs with us. 
  • He is a big flirt, always batting his big ole eyes at me and then giving me a big spitty laugh. 
  • He loves to blow spit bubbles all the time so his face is always a mess. 
  • Joy and Sadie have become a little more interesting to him lately.  He will watch them go by and try to grab their fur if he can get it.  Gotta watch him with Sadie though, since she's a grump. 
  • He can roll over from front to back now but still gets frustrated if he gets stuck. 
  • He is more interested in his toys and he loves his little stuffed monkey whose cheeks glow red and sings a song. 
  • He is cuddling into my neck and actually holding on as we wander around from place to place. 
  • Still no teeth yet. 
  • Cradle cap is making a comeback.  I just hope we can get it under control before it gets as bad as it was. 
  • His sleeping habits suck.  He has started waking up twice a night again, so I'm only getting about 3-4 hours sleep at a time. 
  • We gave him bananas yesterday and he made a face at first but then he liked them.  But boy did he stink a little bit after that.  I can't even imagine how this kid is gonna smell once we get lots of solids in him.  Ugh! 
  • He is sitting up for a couple of seconds on his own now.  But he doesn't like sitting, all he wants to do is stand.
  • He is very attached to me.  I can let others hold him but he wants to know that I'm there or he'll cry.  Family excluded.
  • He is such a sweet boy and so easy going.  Good baby.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Carry on

Tony and I took Jax out for a walk in the baby carrier for the first time this weekend.  We tried it on me a while ago and Jax hated it, so Tony suggested we try it again.  I told him he could do it this time since I'm still having issues with my back.  Sure enough, Jax loved it.  We put his little sunglasses on and went on our way around the neighborhood.  They both looked so cute together.  Jax looked like he was on a fun ride and kept smiling and you could tell that Tony even thought it was fun.  We looked like a proud little family walking around knowing how freaking cute we looked.  We'll have to do it again soon.  Maybe I'll try it next time.