Monday, April 26, 2010


Getting ready for our babymoon on Thursday. Cruising to the Bahamas for some sun and fun while I'm still small enough to enjoy it. I just look forward to getting out of town for a few days. We are so used to going on 2 trips a year and we haven't been on any vacations since last April. I guess we are spoiled in some sense but even after the baby gets here I hope we still vacation a lot. It is so refreshing to get away.

Tony officially felt the baby this weekend. He kept thinking it was his pulse but then the baby kicked him hard and there was no denying it. It wasn't that exciting to him but I guess that's fine. Maybe he will be impressed when he sees him move around from the outside.

I hope I get more excited about registering next week. I am just not that into it yet. There is just so much stuff to go through and I don't know what I need or don't need. I'm just ready to get our house in shape so we can start setting up the room.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Baby Boy!

It's a boy! No denying it from the pictures. I had my 20 week ultrasound today and they said everything looks great and right on track. I've gained 8 pounds so far. At this point I should have gained about 10 by now so I'm pretty much on track. Although the Dr. did give me a little crap for gaining 6 lbs in one month, saying I should only be gaining a pound a week and I gained 1.5 week. Well, I was just catching up since I had only gained 2 lbs before that. Whatever!

Anyway, baby weighs 12 oz, about the weight of a can of coke. He has all his little body parts and was laying on his belly for most of the appt. We had to make him roll over to get some of the images. He was a little stubborn but finally cooperated. We could see brain activity and his little heart just beating away. His little muscles on his arms were so cute, takes after Tony with his "guns". We got our money shot and he is definitely all boy. Yes, I wanted a girl but I'm not really disappointed or anything. It will just be a different adventure. Maybe we will get a girl next time if we try again. I'm going to go buy a little outfit this weekend and hang it in the closet to remind us of what is coming our way. I think it will help make it more real too. Tony is still determined to call it Blake but I'll let him have his way until the baby gets here. Then we will give it his real name. Last night Tony came to bed and said "Goodnight Blake" and I said shut up and then we laughed and went to sleep. At least it's a start.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Freak out!

I had a mini freak out last night. I didn't sleep well last night at all. At first I just couldn't get comfortable and then I just started thinking and that usually doesn't bode well for getting a good night's sleep. I just started thinking about having to go grocery shopping with a baby. How will I know how to fit the carseat on the cart? Will Tony just have to come with me everytime or do I just leave the baby at home? Or, if I go to church, do I bring the baby inside in the carseat or in the whole stroller? What if it starts crying? Do I just leave church or any other function I may be at? What if I have trouble breastfeeding? I don't want everyone looking at my boobs trying to help me, so what do I do in that situation? I kept trying to remember what I've seen other mom's do and it was like I have never seen another mom do anything with a baby. I guess never having to deal with those situations, I've never really looked for those things.

Anyway, thoughts like those kept me up for a while and I had a mini panic attack. Everyone is so concerned with how Tony is dealing with all this that I kinda feel left by the way side like I will just know what to do when it happens so no one seems too concerned with me. Well, I'm scared to death to think of all the things I have no idea how to do with this kid.

I'm excited to find out for sure if it's a boy or girl on Thursday but it also will mean that it's all really happening. Things will start to be bought for it, the room will start to come together, our life is gonna change and that is freaking scary. I don't think either one of us realize what we are in for. I lay in bed atnight before I go to bed and just listen to the silence and know that it will not always be like this. I know in the beginning it's gonna be hard but I just hope there are lots of happy moments in there to make it all worth while. I know there will be but right now I can not even imagine what our life will be like in about 4-5 months.

Just had to get that out of my head. Let the freak outs begin. I know they are coming.

On a good note, I felt the baby from the outside last night. I got Tony out there to feel it but of course it stopped before he could. But at least now it's kicking hard enough to feel so I'm sure Tony will feel it in the next couple weeks.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Body - 19 weeks

Well, at my last appt I had only gained 2 pounds so far. The doctor said this month would be a big weight gain month for me. Well, he was right. I think I've gained between 3-5 pounds since last time. Luckily it is still mostly belly and a little bit of boobs. My hips fell like they are widening but not too much yet. It is starting to get a little uncomfortable to sleep on my sides now because of the extra belly weight but I still sleep better than I did before I was pregnant. I hope I don't start to freak out about the weight gain. I know I need to gain weight, I just hope I can do it slow and steady.

The baby is moving more now. I think I feel it everyday but it is still so soft that some days I forget if I felt it that day. This morning it was going a little crazy. It likes the left side a lot. Maybe it will be a left handed baby and make mine and Tony's life a little easier when it comes time to teach it stuff.

One more week until we hopefully confirm with this little mango is. I hope it cooperates so I can go buy stuff with confidence.