Monday, May 20, 2013

Spring school pictures


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My imaginative jokester

Jax has got such a jokester personality already.  When we are singing sometimes he will just insert the word TREE into the song.  For instance he will sing... Jesus love the tree, this I know, for the tree tells me so...etc.  he is such a dork.  Lately his new thing is whenever I tell him I love him, I say I love you THIS MUCH (with my arms open wide).  His response is I love you this much (he touches his fingers together in a real small ball and looks at me and smiles).  He waits for me to look at him in shock and spread his arms wide open and then laughs at me.  He's suck a little dork. 
But I love him THIS MUCH (with my arms open wide).

last night after we put Jax to bed, we heard the door to the hallway move.  So we called out to Jax to see if it was him or the dog.  Sure enough, we see the door open and Jax is on the floor.  We asked him why he was on the floor and he said, "I'm a fish.  I swim all the way out here."  He is waving his arms like a fish as he is telling us.  It looked so cute.  But we sent him back to bed.  Half hour later, we hear the same thing and there is our little fish again.  He swam on the floor all the way to the living room.  Tony thought it was so cute that he told Jax he could sit with us and watch TV even though it was 10:30.  He is just so cute.  Maybe you had to be there to understand how cute and imaginative this little scene was but it was great.  His imagination is really starting to come out now.  He is also afraid of lions. 

We must have some in our house because that is what he always tells me he is scared of.

Cousin Lexi

This weekend we went down to Mark and Jen's house to meet our new baby niece/cousin.  Jax was very excited to meet her.  I told him the day before that we were taking a trip to go see her and when he woke up the next morning the first thing he said was "We going to see Lexi today."  
He was very good with her.  He rubbed her cheeks and head and gave her a kiss before we left.  She is so small and cute.  Jax was never that small so it was a little different than holding him.  She is a very quiet baby.  Didn't cry at all while we were there.
Hopefully they can grow up knowing each other and being great friends/cousins.