Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Easter 2014

Jax had quite a few Easter events to go to this year.  One with the cousins, our house, and both Ahma and his Grandparents houses.  Here is Easter in pictures.

 Cousin Easter egg hunt at the park.
 Easter at Ahma's house
 Easter egg hunt at Grandma and Grandpa's house
Making Easter eggs and getting his basket at our house.  We had an egg hunt too.

 We are all egged out this year.  Still have lots of candy left over.  It will probably last until Halloween. :-)

Monday, May 19, 2014

My sweet Jax

My sweet sweet boy.  He is growing like a weed and his personality is shining through so much more lately.  At night when I put him to bed, I have been laying down with him in his little bed and hold him and we say prayers.  Then he says mommy I want you to lay with me, so we just lay there face to face with our heads touching and we have little talks about nothing and everything for a few more minutes.  We tell each other how much we love each other and just give each other lots of cuddles.  It's the best part of my day.

Tony has been teaching him how to play some video games on the TV.  Very kid friendly games but now I have to wait for 2 people to play their games before I can have the TV in the living room.

Jax has been telling me lately that he loves our new dog Tessa and he loves our old dog Sadie.  But he misses Sadie.  I told him it's okay to love them both but Sadie is in doggy heaven and once you go there, you live there forever.  He asks if she can come back and I have to tell him no.  But she is happy there.  Now, we just have to make Tessa as good of a dog as Sadie was and love her.  It's kinda sad for me because I miss my old dog too.

He has been going to gym for about 4 months now and he finally moved up to the independent class where the parents watch from outside the wall instead of doing everything with them.  It took a few classes but they say he is doing well.  I think it is really helping him open up more, although he is still my shy little boy.  It still takes him a while to warm up but it's a little easier now.  Even his teacher at school has said that she sees a difference in him.

He loves to sing.  My mom has taught him this months of the year song that he really likes but they are the only ones that know it.  So he just goes around singing and we have no idea what he is talking about.  He still likes me to sing You are my sunshine when he is sad or going to sleep.

We all got passes to Disney Parks.  So far he has been to Disney World, Epcot, and Animal Kingdom.  I think it is a tie between Disney and Animal Kingdom for his favorite so far.  We still have to hit Hollywood studios.  I think Tony and I are gonna take him there.

He is very into trains rights now.  They have one at the gym and sometimes he would rather play with that than do the class stuff.  We had a small figure 8 train set at home but Tony decided it wasn't big enough.  So he bought Jax this huge set with like 80 tracks and bridges and tunnels.  Jax was amazed when he saw that his train set grew so big.  He will sit out in his play room and play with the trains for an hour.  Tony's philosophy is go big or go home when it comes to buying things we really like.

He goes to the zoo with Grandma and Grandpa almost every Wednesday lately.  He has ridden a camel a few times. He loves the train and the carousel.

We got his class picture this year.  He is so cute.  Sitting up so tall and smiling the best smile ever.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Just as I said.

Only a week or two after my last post about pooping on the potty, guess who is a potty pooper now?  JAX, that is correct!  For some reason, I don't know if it was the peeps or extra shows or he just decided to go himself, he has been going on the potty for over a week now.  We are so proud of him and he is proud of himself.
Next up is the overnights.  he still wears the pull ups for overnight but from what I hear, that is normal at this age.