Monday, July 30, 2012


My kid dreams about Micky Mouse and Dora the Explorer.  He wakes up in the middle of the night and yells for Micky Mouse! or Dora!  We have to settle him down and tell him they are sleeping and that he is okay before he will go back to sleep.  Now, does this mean he is watching too much of these cartoons or what?  Or should I just be grateful that his dreams are full of happy little cartoon characters and not scary ghosts or monsters.  I used to have terrible nightmares until I was a teenager.  I hope his subconscious can tell the different of what is real or not better than mine could.  I enjoy waking up with him in our bed right now as a baby but I don't want a teenager in our bed later on.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

I love my kid.

Just the little things he does.
He wrinkles his nose into a little triangle, smiles a huge smile showing all his teeth and pulls my head to his head and we just sit there, heads touching for a few moments in our own little world....He loves his mama.
He points out Donald Duck in the book, and says Daisy Duck, knowing full well that it is Donald.  He waits for me to say no, that's Donald Duck.  Then he looks at me, squints his eyes, smiles real big, shakes his head and says no, Daisy.  This goes back and forth a few times until finally he says Donald and moves on to the next thing.....He's got a sense of humor.
We thought we lost the cat the other night.  We looked all over.  We went down the street looking for her yelling Joy! Joy! And Jax was right there with me, yelling as loud as he could for the whole 30 minutes until we finally found her laying on the guest room bed.  I've never heard him yell that loud.....He is caring and loves his pets.
He kisses this little elephant in the book that has no friends and gives him pats. He says awe! every time we get to that page.....He's so compassionate.
On the way home from school, when we get stopped in traffic, he says MOVE CARS! MOVE CARS! over and over until we start moving again.....He is a backseat driver.  
He says ishies instead of Fishies.....and he's got the cutest little lisp at the moment.

I love my kid.

Monday, July 9, 2012

22 months

This month you have lived up to the X in your name...EXTREME!  You have pretty much been doing the same things as last month but now you are definitely going extreme.
  • Your vocabulary is blowing up. You are saying words I didn't even know you knew.  You are saying lots of 2-3 word sentences and we can pretty much hold a conversation and understand everything.
  • We have to watch what we say now.  You are repeating what we say all the time now.  I said dangit yesterday and you just kept repeating it over and over especially after I told you not to say it because it is a bad word.  
  • You like to mimic us.  If I cross my feet, you lean on something and cross your feet.  If I put my hands in my pockets, you try to put your hands in your non-existent pockets.
  • You understand that things can have more than one name.  For pacifier, Ahma calls it a dummy, so when you are with her, you call it a dummy.  Daddy calls it a nip, so with him, you call it a nip.  I call it a pacifier, so when you are with me, you call it a paci.  You also think it is cute to switch it up with the wrong name to wrong person.
  • You have a good sense of humor but when you are all done, you are really all done.
  • You like to sit on your potty but you are no where near potty training yet.  We are not pushing it yet.
  • You still get a nap and bedtime bottle.
  • You love watching Mickey Mouse Club and Dora.  As soon as you see daddy after school, you start begging him to watch it with you.
  • You have this A-Z puzzle.  You can empty all the letters out and put them back in the correct slot all by yourself.  
  • You can count on your fingers 1-5.  You can count 1-10 all by yourself.  You like to count the animals in your books.  You are counting everything now.
  • You know a couple of songs but are not a big singer yet.
  • I think you like hip hop, dance music best.  That is what will get you dancing.
  • You do pretty eyes.
  • You sleep in our bed almost every night right now.
  • When we are in the car, you always say Move Cars!  You are an impatient backseat driver.
  • You weigh about 30 lbs, have all your teeth except you 2yr molars
  • You wear size 2T-3T shirts, 2T shorts, and size 4 diapers.
Your personality is shining through so much lately.  You are such a sweet, happy, playful, fun little boy.  I love you so much.  You are the best thing I've ever done.