Thursday, October 24, 2013

Bubble fun

So thoughtful

Some may find this gross but I found it beautiful, funny and endearing.
Unconditional Love is when you are rocking your 3 yr old to sleep, he looks up at you and says mommy, you have a booger in your nose. Then he says, here, I'll get it for you as he sticks his finger in my nose. What a sweet boy, but I think I can handle this myself Jax. Thanks anyway. Such a thoughtful boy we have. :-)

Friday, October 18, 2013

My kid is full of crap

This is a post about poop.

Jax has always had constipation problems but we've always been able to work them out...until recently.  this past omonth he has only been going maybe once or twice a week.  Then this last time he had gone a week and a half.  He was starting to walk all weird and hunched over and we could tell he was very uncomfortable.  We tried everything that had worked in the past, prunes, prune juice, miralax, probiotics, we even switched from regular milk to almond milk thinking maybe he was lactose intolerant.  But nothing worked.  We couldn't even get a pebble out of him.  He would go into corners and strain his little body out trying to push something out but nothing ever came.  So we took him to the doctor on Wednesday and the doctor said he was really impacted.  He said it is normal at this age when kids are potty training and if they go poop and it hurts then they are afraid to go again, so they just hold it in.  The doctor told us we had to do a flush out and if that didn't work, then we would have to go to the hospital so they could get him going.

So, I had to give him 5 capfuls of Miralax and suppositories on Wednesday.  I stayed home with him.  He had to drink about 3 cup fulls of the stuff and after that he looked pitiful.  He started going after about an hour or so and the first poop we got out of him, we were both so excited.  He said I pushed it out Mommy!  We I changed his diaper, I tried to squeeze it to feel how hard it was and it wouldn't eve budge.  It was like a rock.  No wonder he couldn't get it out.  The throughout the day he kept going and everything that came out was solid. We never even got to liquid poo.  He was so worn out at naptime that he fell asleep in my arms, which I loved.  He past out for 2 hours.

Since we didn't get everything out, we had to do it again on Thursday.  So Tony stayed hom with him.  He wasn't as cooperative with the solution so we didn't get as many poops but tony said the poop he got was huge and mushy so finally was seemed to have gotten all the blockages out.  Jax was acting like his old self and his belly had gone down a lot. 

We didn't get it to where the doctor wanted us to but we feel good about where we are so we are just going to continue on the maintenance schedule the doctor gave us and see how it goes.  I so hope it works.  We have to put off potty training for a while until we get things under control.  The doctor says we will have to do this maintenance for a few months until Jax can realize that it doesn't hurt to poop and will just start to go on a normal schedule and we can get normal poops out of him.

It was so hard to see him in so much discomfort but I'm glad he is back to him happy fun little self.