Tuesday, November 29, 2011

We gave Jax his identity yesterday.

Yesterday, I was talking to Jax and I pointed to myself and said mama, then I pointed to Tony and said daddy and then I pointed to his chest and said Jax.  He looked at me, took a second to think about it and pointed at his chest and said something that sounded like his name, something like Daths.  Close enough, right?  J's are kinda complicated for babies.  We did this several times and he seemed to pick it up and figure out that he really is Jax, not just a name but a person.
Oh yeah, and his favorite thing to say now is stinky.  When he has a poopy diaper, I always tell him he has a stinky butt and wave my hand in the air.  Well, now, anytime I say something is stinky, he waves his hand in the air and says his version of stinky, all while having the biggest grin on his face.  Love this kid.

Just a picture of the world's cutest baby. :-)


We went to NYC for the Macy's Thanksgiving parade this year.  It was Jax's first plane ride and he did great.  He slept most of the way and was quiet for the most part. 

We got to tour Radio City Music Hall and meet a Rockette.  Jax loved her hat and was a little infatuated with her.

The night before the parade, we went to see the balloons being blown up. It was neat to get up close to it all.
We woke up at the crack of dawn and made our way to the parade route at 6:30 am.  We got a great view, only 3 rows back.  We could see everything and everybody.  Jax was very intriqued with the floats and balloons. 
We took Jax to the Central Park Zoo, but I think he is still a little young to appreciate most of it.  He did like the ducks but that was about it.

He got to meet Elmo in person.  He was fine being near him but did not want Elmo to hold him. 
It was a fun trip.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


My kid has a weird issue with clothes.  First it was the Halloween costume meltdown.  He either didn't like anything on his head or the material was itchy.  Now, it is winter clothes.  He has a total meltdown anytime I put anything with long sleeves or long pants on him.  Long PJs?  His expression is what is this cuff thing on my leg?  He pulls on it and just looks at me like Help ME!!  Get it off?  Nowwww!!!  Long sleeves?  Why can't I find my hand?  Where did my arm go?  Make it stop!!!!!  Coats are another issue.  Layering?  Are you trying to suffocate me!!  Why are you doing this to me?  Don't get me started on hats of any kind.  He freaks the crap out if you try to put a hat on him.  He won't even leave the hooded towel on long enough to get him back to his room.  What is his major malfunction?  It's just clothes bubba.  Hopefully he will change his toon when we are in NYC.  It's gonna be 40 degrees.  He's gonna cover up whether he likes it or not.  He will probably come back form vacation a few pounds heavier from all the cookies we are gonna bride him with to stop screaming.  Fun times. :-)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Petting farm

Jax's school had a petting farm visit on Friday. They had baby goats, ducks, chicks, bunnies, a pig and a horse. They were all pretty cute. Jax wasn't scared of any of them. He went right up and pet the goats and he stood on top of the pony. He wouldn't ride it but we got a good picture of us in front of it. He was quite intrigued by all of it. But when he was done, he was done. Moving on to the next great thing to discover.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

14 months (a little late as usual)

Here we are at 14 months. 

You are walking all over the place and trying to run now.  You will hold our hand when asked but after a few seconds you want to be independent and start to pull away.  Usually we can distract you and you forget that you wanted to go on your own. 

You are starting to babbble and talk like we know what you are saying.  It's so cute.  Your little voice sounds so different when you are talking than when you just yell out one word. 

You point and gesture for things that you want to see and pick up.  And you know exactly what you want.

You can find the moon in the sky.  And you get excited when the airplanes fly over the house.  We look up and watch them until they disappear.

You have become a picky eater again.  One day you love chicken, the next you throw it on the floor.  I blame part of this on teething.  You get very picky when you teeth.  You will only eat mushy stuff for weeks at a time.

You got 2 top molars this month.  Obviously it was very painful since you would wake up every night several times in pain.  I think the bottom molars are coming in now.  When you teeth, it takes weeks of misery.  Poor baby.

You play peek a boo in your bed when we lay you down now.  You pull your blanket up over your head and wait for us to say peek a boo and then you PEEK!

You can point out your head, noses, ears, feet and eyes.

You love for us to read you books.  It's mostly just asking you where the animal or certain picture is on the page but you really know your stuff now. 

You started saying mommy and you think it's hilarious.  Maybe it's because that would technically be the first "real" word we both understand.  Yes, mama and dada are real words but this is different somehow.

You can say bear, kinda.  We have a blanket on the wall that has different animals on it and you point to the bear and say beh.

You will not hold a pose for a picture anymore. 

You love to cuddle after a good bottle and you love your bottle time.  You are a pro at drinking milk from the sippy cup now but you still love your bottles.  We aren't giving those up anytime soon.

You've gotten so much hair this month.

You learned to blow kisses and you give kisses to everybody that wants one.  Even you and daddy are giving kisses now.

You love your cuddles from mama and your fun time with dad.  Not that we both don't do both, but at the moment, you are more of a mama's boy and you and daddy have a great time rough housing.

You really are such a sweet boy. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treating

Here is our little man trick or treating for the first time.  Looks like he's been doing it for years.  Such a pro. He had so much fun seeing the other kids dressed up.  He answered the door everytime anyone came trick or treating.  He would just look up at the costumes and the kids would say how cute our little Superman was.   Can't wait until next year.


We went to the pumpkin patch to let Jax pick a pumpkin.  He thought it was pretty cool.  And of course we had to take a family photo.

Jax started his Halloween off with a party at school.  They did a little costume parade and he led the way like he knew what he was doing.  He held on to that pumpkin for dear life.
Next we went trick or treating in our neighborhood so he could learn what to do for next year.  He did such a good job and we had a good time showing our little Superman off to the neighbors.