Friday, December 28, 2012

Are kids born manipulators?

Are kids born manipulators? Sheesh! This kid has my number at bedtime. Mommy, hold you, he says with a sadface and sniffles (Okay, one more time) Covers! (well, he can't sleep without being covered) Say prayers again? (no but I'll give you kisses again) Mommy hold you! (I'm gonna get daddy to put the gate up). Jax is finally asleep. :-)

This is our routine almost every night.  Some nights it's annoying and others nights I can't help but smile about it.  He is so cute...even when he is manipulating me.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


We always have a big group for Thanksgiving.  This year is was about 25 people at my sister's house.  It's always nice to see all the cousins, big and small.  Here is how it went down this year.

Here we are eating our turkey dinner
 Now it is time to go play
 Daddy helping Jax cross the balance beam
Giving Caleb a swat on the booty
 Have a grand ole time playing by himself
Looking at the planes with Ahma
The Ricciardo, Burgess, Taylor clan
All the little kiddies

Halloween and Veterans' Day Parade

I'm running behind on my holiday posts.  Here is a compilation of Halloween and the Veterans' Day Parade.

My little Fire Chief 
With daddy on the haystack
At the pumpkin patch
I'm a snow bunny
 With Ahma at the Veteran's Day Parade
 Waving his flag
 Waiting for the parade to start
 Watching the soldiers go by
 I love my little boy

Cute things he says

Jax is at the age where he's got a lot to say.  Most days it amazes me how much he can talk and communicate now.  Half the time I don't understand him because he just has so much to say but can't quite get the right words to come out. Most of the time if I can figure out 2 of the words, then I can figure out what he is trying to say.

Some things he says:

Mommy hold you = Hold me mommy.

Where'd dat come from? = What is that?

Say Prayas? = Say prayers mommy.

I frow it? = Can I throw this?

Bobble = Bottle

I pooted = I farted...I'm assuming someone at daycare says this because we call it a fart not a poot.  We get confused when he says it because we aren't sure if he means he farted or if he pooped since they sound so similar.

Move cars! Go! = Get out of our way cars, I want to go home!  He usually says this on the way home from daycare.

Dare she is! Dares Dora!  Hi Dora! = There's Dora!  Dora's on!  He gets so excited when he gets to watch her show.

Watch Dora on TV Please? =  Can I Watch Dora on TV Please?

Dats tasty! = That's tasty!  I don't knwo who taught him the word tasty but it is the cutest thing ever.

Mommy, help you! = He really means, Mommy help me, but he just can't get that concept yet.