Friday, May 8, 2009

I'll take a shot.

Well, I went for my follicle scan on Tuesday. Nurse said I had one folli at 17mm and another at 12mm. She also took some blood to make sure the eggs were good eggs and not just cysts. I got the call later that day saying the b/w looked good and that I could take my Ovidrel shot tonight. Yeah! I'm kinda nervous about giving myself the shot but if I chicken out, I'll just have Tony do it. So once I do the shot, I should ovulate on Sunday morning. Tony goes in to give his deposit at 7:15 am on Sunday and then I go in to get the IUI at 10:15 am. Finally, we get a real chance at making a baby. I hope this works. I'm gonna try to be positive but not get my hopes up too much if that is possible. I know there is only a 20% chance of this working, but that is more than we had before.
Crossing fingers and toes, praying, wishing and hoping.

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