Monday, September 13, 2010

Little things

Some little things I've learned about Jaxson so far.
  1. He cries like a girl, which is so cute. But then again, maybe all babies cry like girls at first.
  2. He will occassionally purr when nursing.
  3. He has Tony's eyes.
  4. He is a trooper. Got stuck inthe heel 3x last week for jaundice and barely cried.
  5. He is stubborn like his mom and dad.
  6. He likes to sleep on his side.
  7. He has big hands and feet.
  8. He likes the right boob, doesn't care for the left. I find this strange and frustrating.
  9. He also like to play for a few minutes before breastfeeding, I'm told this is called Mouthing.
  10. He is such a sweet boy.
  11. He can already hold his pacifier in his mouth.
  12. He loves his daddy and mommy.
  13. He likes to go outside and look at the sky.
  14. He likes to be swaddled but also fights to get his hands out during the night.
  15. He has an angel kiss above his right eye.

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