Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cute things he says

Jax is at the age where he's got a lot to say.  Most days it amazes me how much he can talk and communicate now.  Half the time I don't understand him because he just has so much to say but can't quite get the right words to come out. Most of the time if I can figure out 2 of the words, then I can figure out what he is trying to say.

Some things he says:

Mommy hold you = Hold me mommy.

Where'd dat come from? = What is that?

Say Prayas? = Say prayers mommy.

I frow it? = Can I throw this?

Bobble = Bottle

I pooted = I farted...I'm assuming someone at daycare says this because we call it a fart not a poot.  We get confused when he says it because we aren't sure if he means he farted or if he pooped since they sound so similar.

Move cars! Go! = Get out of our way cars, I want to go home!  He usually says this on the way home from daycare.

Dare she is! Dares Dora!  Hi Dora! = There's Dora!  Dora's on!  He gets so excited when he gets to watch her show.

Watch Dora on TV Please? =  Can I Watch Dora on TV Please?

Dats tasty! = That's tasty!  I don't knwo who taught him the word tasty but it is the cutest thing ever.

Mommy, help you! = He really means, Mommy help me, but he just can't get that concept yet.

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