Friday, April 18, 2014

He will do it when he's ready.

Lately, we have been trying to get Jax to poop on the potty.  For reason, he just refuses to do it most times.  He has done it a few times, we even had a week were he did it the whole time, but then he just decided he would rather crap in his pants than go on the potty.  He has had some digestive issues where he gets constipated a lot so we are on Miralax for that.  He will probably have to be on it for a few years according to the doctor.  Every time we stop using it, he gets constipated again.  So now we have finally got his system working correctly but he won't go on the potty. He does pee on the potty, it's just the poop we are having an issue with.

I am so over poop.  Poop in underwear, poop in diapers, poop in pull ups, wiping poop off of his butt. Wiping poop off my hand.  I just want him to get this one yucky thing but he is stubborn.  I know he can do it because he has done it before. We've tried everything, bribing him, a star board, having him clean his own underwear after he poops in it, (he thought it was fun), sitting in it (he doesn't care), being nice about it, being aggravated about it, praise and disappointment.  Nothing is working.

I have decided that this is just the way he is and has always been.  He will decide it is time to be a big boy when he is ready.  As I look back at some of our other obsticles, he was the same way with riding rides at the fair.  He was very scared and needed mommy or daddy to go with him or just wouldn't ride it at all.  Then, after a couple of trips, he decided he was ready and went on some of them by himself. Each time he will ride a bigger ride now.  He used to sleep on the floor in the hallway, rather than his bed so he could be closer to us in the living room.  We tried to make him stay in his bed but he would just end up on the floor by the time we were ready to go to bed.  I never understood why he thought the floor was more comfortable than his bed but he just does things his own way and wanted to be near us I guess. Then one day, about a month ago, he started sleeping in his bed and staying there, at least until about 3am. Then he would end up in our bed, which Tony did not like.  But then, about 2 weeks ago, he started sleeping in his bed all night.  We have pretty much been sharing our bed with him since he was 8 months old.  Now he has decided to be a big boy about it.  Same with naps, he used to put them off and sneak around in his room when he was supposed to be asleep but now he just says it's nap time and gets in bed and turns over.

So, after looking back, I just think he is his own little person and is gonna do things his own way in his own time.  He isn't really hurting anybody by pooping in his pants.  He just needs to get it done right before he goes to his next class at school.  And that is a while away.  I'm almost proud of him for knowing when he is ready and not ready to do things on his own.   Although, I'm still sick of poop, poop, poop.

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