Friday, January 8, 2010

Told the family

So we told the family last Wednesday. I had gone out to look at wedding stuff with Karrie, my mom and Kristi earlier that day and it was so hard not to tell them, but Tony wanted the parents to find out at the same time. So we all went out to dinner and Carol and mom were talking about Karrie's wedding plans and I busted in saying: Karrie wants to have her wedding in July or August, and Carol is just shaking her head yes, yes, then I said, well that will be unfortunate for me bacause I will be about 7.5 months pregnant at that time. Carol was still shaking her head in agreement and she finally realized what I said and she screamed a little bit and my mom screamed a little bit and said really? I said yes and she squeezed the life and crying out of me. Everyone was in skock obviously since we were supposed to be on a break and we pretty much had no faith that we could do it on our own. Mike shook Tony's hand and Tony acted like the butthead he said he was gonna be. But I knew he was gonna act like a dork so I didn't care.

Then we went and told Kristi, Tony and Kylee. I asked Kristi if we could come over and give Kylee a belated Christmas gift. When we got there, I told Kylee we had one more gift for her and she was all excited. Then I told her that the gift isn't here yet and wouldn't be here for another 7.5 months. Kristi realized what I was talking about and about jumped for joy but I asked Kylee if she knew what would take 7.5 months to get here. She said no, and I said well do you know what takes 9 months to get here? Adn she got this big grin and said A BABY? And I said yes, and she jumped up and gave me a big hug.

I told my dad that night too and I got the response I prety much expected...I said happy new year and he said, yeah, it's been great so far. Then I said I'm pregnant and he said congratulations and then we pretty much hung up. Whatever. I did my duty and told him, I'm done going out of my way to tell him stuff. Not gonna stress over it.

Tony has gotten much better at accepting the reality of all this. We are both still in shock and a little bit of we will believe it when we see it. That will be on Tuesday, so it's getting closer.

I haven't really felt too bad so far. My boobs are killing me and I'm going to the bathroom much more now. I'm a little more tired but not that bad. No morning sickness yet, but it's still early. I've felt a little queasy but nothing bad at all.

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