Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Big day tomorrow

So I'm still having headaches but I really think they are from my neck and shoulder injuries. I will talk to the doc tomorrow about it again.
We have a big day tomorrow. Hopefully we will be able to see if it is a girl or a boy. But most importantly the doctor will be able to tell us if my cervix is in good shape. Normally, I would really be stressing about this, but I truly think it is gonna be okay and my body will be able to carry to term.
The thing I've been most stressing about lately is a name for this kid. I'm trying not to even think about it since there is no point in trying to find names when we don't even know the sex yet. Tony is stuck on Blake for a boy which is not gonna happen. For a middle name maybe, but not for the first name. He insists on making me crazy and stress over his stupid names Slade, Drake, Gage, Blake, ugh! I think he thinks it's funny but he doesn't realize that stress is bad for me. He shouldn't put any undo stress on me just for kicks. But he is Tony and that's what he does. I really hope this baby is a girl because the thought of having to raise 2 Tony's scares the crap out of me. Hopefully we will find out tomorrow.
Think pink.

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