Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Surprise appt.

So I've been having headaches for the past 4 days off and on all day long. I finally got around to talk to the nurse and she said I should come in, so I did. The doctor asked all sorts of questions but we still aren't sure what the cause is. she prescribed me something because I said Tylenol does nothing to help. She said if this doesn't get the headaches under control, then I need to go to the ER to get my head checked out. She said it might be pregancy migraine related but we don't know. The drugs she gave me should help. I go to the osteopathic doctor tomorrow to get adjusted so maybe that will help and be the cause of it all and we can be done with it. We will see.

While I was there, she listened for th eheartbeat again. She said the baby is at the stage where it will swim away from the doppler when she pushes on it and sure enough she said that's what our baby did...swim, swim swim until finally she caught it and I heard such a strong little heartbeat this time. At 12 weeks I thought he was lying to me when he said this is the heartbeat because I barely heard anything. But this time, it was unmistakeable. 150bpm strong. Picturing the baby run away from the doppler was so cute.

So here i am at 14 weeks. I think I've shrink at bit. Maybe last weeks picture was a food baby or something. I think I'm holding up pretty well so far though. Finally gained some weight: 2 pounds. Now I jsut have to figureo ut how to fit 2 liters of water into my schedule everyday. I'll be in the bathroom every 5 minutes now.

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