Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jax 1st birthday

Well, it finally came and went.  Jax is 1 year old.  It's been a long, exciting year for all of us.  Learning new things everyday and we all made it through safe and sound for the most part.  I never had any doubt. :-)
I scheduled the party at 5pm thinking that Jax would be fed, awake, social and just a happy baby at that time. Well, he had other ideas. He was very clingy and moody and almost fell asleep in the middle of it all. I don't know if he was freaked out by all the people or what but he was not his happy little self that day. Once he took a nap in the middle of his party he seemed to be better. He was excited by the gifts but wasn't sure what to make of the icing that would not come off his fingers no matter how much of it he wiped on his face. He had fun playing with the balloons and being passed around to all the people who love him. He even stood all by himself for the first time in fornt of everyone. We almost didn't know it was happening, we were so caught off guard. Overall, I think he did a good job and had a good time.

Playing with his Elmo phone. 
 This is mine!
 Do you want some cake Kylee?
I'm not too sure about this. 
 Yummy car.
Look at me standing on my own! 
 Happy Birthday bubba.
I'm pooped.

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