Thursday, March 8, 2012


About 2 weeks ago, when I went to change Jax's diaper, he had pooped and there was quite a lot of blood in there.  I'm not talking about a little bit here and there or spotting, I'm talking about a lot of blood.  If this was my poop, I would have freaked the crap out, no pun intended.  Well, I freaked out and showed Tony.  He agreed that is was indeed a lot of blood.  It was very bright red blood, not old dark blood.  I decided to take a picture and if it happened again, then we would go to the doctor.  Well, it never happened again like that but over the next 2 weeks I saw traces of blood in his poop almost every day.  Nothing like the first one, so I decided to wait until his check up on March 5 to talk to the doctor about it.

When I showed the doctor his picture, he agreed that it was a lot of blood.  He checked around Jax's bottom end and found no tears or hemmoroids and nothing suspicious.  So he has referred us to a gastroenterologist to see what the problem is.  He said 98 percent of the time it is nothing but since he had trace amount of blood in other stools, then we need to look into it.

The past 2 days Tony and I have been up to our ears in poop.  We had to fill 3 viles with poop and do this scratch test and send it to the lab.  Then Jax had to have his blood drawn to make sure he wasn't anemic and to check for some other things.  Once at the lad, they said we didn't have enough poop samples, so they sent him home with 4 more viles to fill.  Luckily, Jax can poop on cue, :-) so last night we filled the other 4 viles and then we had to freeze and refridgerate another 2 cups.  What the heck are they testing for that they need 7-9 containers of poop?  Who knows, I just hope they find the issue and it is easily fixed.  Jax doesn't seem in pain or acting any different so that is good.

Please pray that my baby is well and easily fixed soon.

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