Friday, February 8, 2013

My 2 1/2 year old boy

He likes his cereal with milk now.

He has memorized his prayers.  He can say them with almost no help now.

We have a good night ritual that goes something like this:
I walk him to his room, he jumps into bed and says I want covers!  So I cover him up.  Then he asks if we will say prayers now, I say yes.  So we say our prayers.  Then I ask for kisses and he plants a big one on my mouth.  I say I love you and he says I-uv-you.  He lays down and asks me to tuck tuck.  So I tuck him in from top to bottom and then I pause, waiting for him to ask again because he always does.....A-tuck-tuck!  So I do it one more time.  Then I tell him to go nigh-night and be a good boy and stay in his bed.  I go to turn the light off and turn around to look at him and he is all tucked in looking at me and I say I love you one more time and turn the light off and shut the door.  This is our ritual every night and I love it.
He is very stubborn and knows what he wants and how he wants it.

He can scare away the snow monster (AKA-Tony) just by holding his hands up and yelling ROAR!!!

He can almost use the pedals on his big wheel.

He refuses to use the potty.  I'm confused on this because over the summer he was all about it but then he got sick so we had to stop training and now he wants nothing to do with it.
He is very polite.  When I kiss his boo boos he always says Tanks!

He sucks at taking pictures. It never fails that he looks away right when I push the button.  Butthead!

He can count to 15-20, depending on the day.  He can count to 11 in Spanish.  He also know as few Spanish words and uses them correctly.

He needs some work on his colors but I think he knows them, but just likes to pull our leg a little bit when we ask him what is what.
He is very empathic and doesn't like to disappoint me or make me feel sad.

He speaks very well.  We hold real conversations now and we all pretty much understand what the other is saying.

He dances terribly but it is so cute.  He bobs his head and jerks around like a freak.  I hope this isn't a reflection on our dancing skills.  He must get that from his dad.

He likes to sing but only what he wants to sing and when he wants to sing it.  He loves singing with my mom, but he will only let me sing certain songs with him.

He's got a pretty cute sense of humor.
He is growing so fast.  He wears size 8 shoes, 3-4T shirts and 3T pants.  He weighs about 33 lbs and is about 3 ft tall.

He loves rough housing with his daddy and getting dizzy and trying to walk right afterward.

He loves Dora and Mickey's Clubhouse.  Refuses to watch anything else.  Tells us to turn it off!

There are so many more things I'm leaving off this list but that is the gist of the new things my sweet boy is doing lately.  I can't believe I have been his mommy for 2 1/2 years already.  I love it all even when I don't think I don't sometimes.   I love my Jaxson, aka: bubba, booblah, bubbles, stinky butt, sweet boy.

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