Friday, February 1, 2013


I still consider myself new to this whole motherhood thing.  I think I will always feel that way somewhat, since Jax is my only son and everything he does will be a new experience for both of us.  I am having a hard time figuring out how much time Jax should have in front of the TV or playing games on the slider/ipad.  Although Dora the Explorer is educational and the games/puzzles he plays are teaching him stuff, I still don't want him to spend too much time with either of them. 

Right now, we let him watch 2 episodes of Dora while Tony gets ready for work and 2 episodes after we get home from work. Since he has learned to play on the slider, he wants to do that everyday too.  Some days I let him and others I don't, and sometimes I make him choose between Dora and the slider.  We still have a couple hours to play and read and hang out together after work but everybody gets to have some alone time to watch TV or play on the slider or computer or jsut chill out after work/school everyday.

I guess if it works for us, then it's fine. We get plenty of snuggle and play time together. I just don't want him to be behind.  It seems like you need to know your way around the computer by the time you are in kindergarten nowadays.

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