Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Potty Training 3.0

We started potty training Jax again about a month ago.  At first he was hesitant to go on the potty, but once he got the hang of it, he seemed to do a good job of peeing on the potty and he was very proud of himself.  We gave him either a marshmallow or 2 jelly beans for each time he succeeded.  Soon it turned into a marshmallow AND 2 jelly beans each time, but as far as I'm concerned, whatever works.  He is still in diapers for naps and bedtime but one thing at a time.

Jax has always had issues with pooping on a normal schedule.  Usually when he has to go, he is constipated and goes in a corner and tells us to leave him alone while he does his business.  So I knew when it came time to potty train, that pooping on the potty was gonna be hard.  So far the only success we have had with it is a couple poops that accidentally ended up in the potty while he was peeing, which he thought were hilarious.  He really does try to poop on the potty but he is either afraid to release it or it just isn't ready to come out when he is on there.  We really need to figure this pooping issue out quick.  I gave him some prune pudding the other day to help him along and for the past 2 days at school he has gone through 3-4 pairs of underwear because of the pooping in his pants.  It's like he is making up for lost time and pooping a weeks worth of poop in 1-2 days.  I can't keep up with it. 

Yesterday, he started saying he was a bad boy while on the potty and I kept telling him that he wasn't and that everyone has accidents.  He just needs to tell someone when he has to go. He just kept crying and saying he was bad even though he was peeing on the potty at that moment. It broke my heart to think he was letting himself down when I know it's all part of the process of learning to go on the potty.  I feel so bad for him because I know if his bowels were on a "normal" schedule, then we wouldn't have this problem.  He eats lots of fibrous foods and fruit and drinks lots of water so I don't know what the problem is.  We have he 3 yr old appt. in September so I will bring it up then.  I just hope he can get the hang of pooping in the potty before then.  He is doing so good with peeing in the potty. We are proud of him.

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