Thursday, September 12, 2013

Jax's 3rd birthday party

We had a great time this weekend celebrating Jax turning 3.  First, on his actual birthday, he celebrated at school with homemade cupcakes.  He helped me make them and was so proud of himself.  He cracked an egg, helped me mix, and put on the icing.  He even got to lick the beater.
After school, Tony, Jax, my mom and I all had a cupcake and Jax got to blow out his candles.  He thought it was so cool, he wanted to do it again.  So I figured, he's 3, so we let him blow out the candles 3x.

Throughout the week I kept telling him about his Diego party and that we were gonna have  bounce house and cake and friends and family and lots and lots of fun.  He was so excited the night before when I put up all his decorations.

On Saturday, we had about 26 people at our house to celebrate Jax.  He was a good sport about everything and had a great time bouncing in the bounce house, riding the tractor with grandpa, hitting the pinata, and just playing around the back yard.  He would have stayed in that bounce house all day if we let him. I think everyone had a great time.

We ended the day by watching video I made for him.  All and all, everything turned out better than I had hoped.  Jax had a great birthday and that's the most important thing.

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