Tuesday, September 24, 2013

3 years old

Jax is 3 now.  3 seems so much older and bigger than 2.  He isn't ready to be a big boy yet.  He tells me all the time,"I'm not a big boy."  Well, mama isn't ready for it yet either but it is happening whether we want it to or not.

He is growing in so many ways.  His vocabulary is crazy.  We have adult conversations all the time now. I've heard of the WHY phase of kids but I've never heard of the Where phase.  His new thing is asking where everything is, EXACTLY where it is.  I will tell him we are going to eat. He says, Where? I say at Panera. He says Where is Panera? I say it is at the mall. He asks where the mall is. I say it is down the street. He asks where down the street. Finally I just point in a certain direction and say over there. Then he finally stops asking.  It's cute but I can see what is coming next.

He has started using his imagination more lately.  His toys are coming alive and taking adventures now.  He has also expanded his TV shows from just Dora, Diego, and Mike the Knight, to Bubble Guppies and Yo Gabba Gabba.

He is so cuddly and loving with me lately.  I love it.  I love those special mornings when he is actually awake when I leave for work and he sees me and says I love you so much!  Then he asks me for a big hug before I go to work. It is the best thing ever and it doesn't happen very often so I treasure it.  It makes my day.  Some days I just walk into the room and he just busts out with I love you so much!  I will say it to Tony too sometimes.  I love that he is understanding what love is as much as a 3 yr old can.  

We had to put our dog Sadie down a little over a week ago.  It was hard to explain to him why she wouldn't be coming home but we just told him that she went to doggie heaven and now she didn't have any more boo boos and she could run and eat all the treats she wanted.  He seems okay with it.
He still sometimes says she is coming home but then remembers she is in doggie heaven.  He does say he misses her.

He is still a little introverted and doesn't like places with lots of people, people he doesn't know or too much noise but he handles it okay after a while.  

He is in a dance class and school that he likes.  We just started him in a computer class that he is not too sure about because he doesn't know the teacher. 

We are about 90% daytime potty trained.  If he could poop on a normal schedule, we would be 100%.  We are working on it.  Naps and nighttime, he is still in a diaper.  He still gets 1 bottle of milk at night that I know we need to drop, but neither of us can do it.  It breaks my heart to lose this last little baby thing and he cries and cries if he doesn't get it.  I know it needs to happen if we ever want to get nighttime potty trained so we are working on it.

At his 3 yr old doctor appt. he weighed 35 lbs and is 38 inches tall.  Doctor said he will be taller than Tony is he keeps this up.  He is in 4T clothes and is almost out growing those in shirts.  He wears size 8-9 shoes and hates having to get new ones.  He gets used to them and then grows out of them and pitches a fit for days every time we move up a size.  Just one of his little quirks I guess.

He is a very opinionated little boy and knows what he wants and doesn't want.  He is a mama's boy but he loves his time with his daddy.  They can play fight and rough house and I can't.  They also like to play video games together.  He likes to find Joy the cat and chase her around from behind the couch. 

I just love this little kid so much. 


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