Monday, June 1, 2009

Body in working order

No cysts again this cycle, which is good. Done taking Femera. Worked last time, hopefully it will work again. Going on Thursday to find out. Ordered the Ovidrel shot. Not looking forward to that but at least I know I can give it to myself. Maybe this time I won't cry. Doubtful though. :-/
You would think I would have a break in thinking about all this since we are buying a house, and I've got other things to worry about, but no, still in my mind everyday. Why would it work this time? What will be different?
So many doubts but trying to stay positive. It's hard but I'm trying.
So far so good this month though. :-)

1 comment:

  1. Keep being positive, LB. It will work when it is supposed to work. All in God's timing. He's probably just picking out the cutest, smartest, healthiest little egg and sperm to match up. Love ya, Mom.