Wednesday, February 23, 2011

No such luck

Well, sleeping through the night was a one night deal I guess.  Jax went to bed at 8:30 and woke up at 11:30 and then again at 3:00am and 7am.  I'm tired and now to top it off, I have a cold.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised after being spit on , sneezed on, and coughed on for the past 2 weeks.  I'm going to bed early tonight (yeah right) or at least I'm going to atempt to.  I think Jax is starting to ween himself off of breastfeeding.  He is going shorter and shorter lengths at the breast.  My goal was 6 months, so we are almost there but I'm not sure I'm ready to quit yet.  Hopefully he will continue to nurse until I am mentally ready for him to stop.

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