Friday, April 8, 2011

Playing around

I don't really know how to explain this.
Last night, Jax and I were on the floor, rolling around playing. Maybe I just didn't notice it before or maybe I wasn't paying enough attention but I think it was the first time he has ever really played back with me.  Yes, he will play and then I will play and we will laugh but this time it was different.  I would roll over and go Boo! in his face and we would laugh and then I'd roll away from him and then I'd do it again.  I was half watching tv at the same time so sometimes I would take longer to do it again.  So he would get tired of waiting and just roll over to me and get in my face and look at me like, Cmon, lets go, make me laugh.  So I would do it again and then he would roll over and ask me to do it again.  Maybe he has done this before but he was really interacting and taking control of the situation this time.  It was very cute and fun for both of us.  I love my tv shows, but I love Jax way more. Thank goodness for DVR.

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