Wednesday, November 9, 2011

14 months (a little late as usual)

Here we are at 14 months. 

You are walking all over the place and trying to run now.  You will hold our hand when asked but after a few seconds you want to be independent and start to pull away.  Usually we can distract you and you forget that you wanted to go on your own. 

You are starting to babbble and talk like we know what you are saying.  It's so cute.  Your little voice sounds so different when you are talking than when you just yell out one word. 

You point and gesture for things that you want to see and pick up.  And you know exactly what you want.

You can find the moon in the sky.  And you get excited when the airplanes fly over the house.  We look up and watch them until they disappear.

You have become a picky eater again.  One day you love chicken, the next you throw it on the floor.  I blame part of this on teething.  You get very picky when you teeth.  You will only eat mushy stuff for weeks at a time.

You got 2 top molars this month.  Obviously it was very painful since you would wake up every night several times in pain.  I think the bottom molars are coming in now.  When you teeth, it takes weeks of misery.  Poor baby.

You play peek a boo in your bed when we lay you down now.  You pull your blanket up over your head and wait for us to say peek a boo and then you PEEK!

You can point out your head, noses, ears, feet and eyes.

You love for us to read you books.  It's mostly just asking you where the animal or certain picture is on the page but you really know your stuff now. 

You started saying mommy and you think it's hilarious.  Maybe it's because that would technically be the first "real" word we both understand.  Yes, mama and dada are real words but this is different somehow.

You can say bear, kinda.  We have a blanket on the wall that has different animals on it and you point to the bear and say beh.

You will not hold a pose for a picture anymore. 

You love to cuddle after a good bottle and you love your bottle time.  You are a pro at drinking milk from the sippy cup now but you still love your bottles.  We aren't giving those up anytime soon.

You've gotten so much hair this month.

You learned to blow kisses and you give kisses to everybody that wants one.  Even you and daddy are giving kisses now.

You love your cuddles from mama and your fun time with dad.  Not that we both don't do both, but at the moment, you are more of a mama's boy and you and daddy have a great time rough housing.

You really are such a sweet boy. 

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