Tuesday, November 29, 2011

We gave Jax his identity yesterday.

Yesterday, I was talking to Jax and I pointed to myself and said mama, then I pointed to Tony and said daddy and then I pointed to his chest and said Jax.  He looked at me, took a second to think about it and pointed at his chest and said something that sounded like his name, something like Daths.  Close enough, right?  J's are kinda complicated for babies.  We did this several times and he seemed to pick it up and figure out that he really is Jax, not just a name but a person.
Oh yeah, and his favorite thing to say now is stinky.  When he has a poopy diaper, I always tell him he has a stinky butt and wave my hand in the air.  Well, now, anytime I say something is stinky, he waves his hand in the air and says his version of stinky, all while having the biggest grin on his face.  Love this kid.

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