Wednesday, November 16, 2011


My kid has a weird issue with clothes.  First it was the Halloween costume meltdown.  He either didn't like anything on his head or the material was itchy.  Now, it is winter clothes.  He has a total meltdown anytime I put anything with long sleeves or long pants on him.  Long PJs?  His expression is what is this cuff thing on my leg?  He pulls on it and just looks at me like Help ME!!  Get it off?  Nowwww!!!  Long sleeves?  Why can't I find my hand?  Where did my arm go?  Make it stop!!!!!  Coats are another issue.  Layering?  Are you trying to suffocate me!!  Why are you doing this to me?  Don't get me started on hats of any kind.  He freaks the crap out if you try to put a hat on him.  He won't even leave the hooded towel on long enough to get him back to his room.  What is his major malfunction?  It's just clothes bubba.  Hopefully he will change his toon when we are in NYC.  It's gonna be 40 degrees.  He's gonna cover up whether he likes it or not.  He will probably come back form vacation a few pounds heavier from all the cookies we are gonna bride him with to stop screaming.  Fun times. :-)

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