Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Most trying day yet...

Two days ago, Tony and I had our most trying, frustrating day as parents.  To some people, this may not sound so bad, but, for us, it was the worst. 
I had been sick for 5 days at this point and I was finally feeling a bit better.  I was planning on going back to work yesterday but Jax had other plans.  He has been teething for the past 3 weeks, so we have been getting up every night anyway but we were not expecting this.  He went to sleep at his normal time 8:30pm, no fussing, no nothing.  Tony and I got into bed around 11:30.  At midnight, Jax woke up....

Tony and I had been arguing over who's turn it was to get up with him that night, so the night didn't start out well anyway.  We finally agreed it was Tony's since I was still sick, and he needed to let me get some sleep, so he got up and got Jax.  He fed him, rocked him and tried to put him to bed 3x in an hour, but it didin't work.  All the while, I am hearing Jax cry and whine and Tony complain the whole time, so no sleep for me.  So I got up and fed him again and rocked him and he finally went to sleep at 1:30.  At 2am, he woke up again.  We tried to put him back to sleep again, didn't work, so Tony drove him around town for half an hour and when he got home, Jax was still awake.  By 3am, Tony was done.  So I took over.  I tried everything in my arsenal but nothing worked. I tried to cuddle him, rock him, be stern with him and tell him who's boss and I am not proud of some of the things I said that night but I was so frustrated at this kid.  All he wanted to do was play and read books at 4 in the morning.  He would not listen to anything we had to say and wanted nothing to do with us, didn't want to be held and wanted mothing to do with sleeping in his bed.  We even tried putting him in our bed, no go.  It's like he wasn't tired at all.  I understand that he doesn't know we have to work in the morning but come on!  I gave up trying and watched Housewives of Beverly HIlls.  By 5:30am, Tony came back out and relieved me.  Right before I went to bed, Jax did a front somersault off his chair on to the floor.  We all freaked the crap out but he was fine.  At this point, Jax was pretty much delirious and he finally passed out on Tony's chest at 6am.  Then, he woke up at 8:30 and Tony just took him to daycare.

I feel bad for saying this but I have never felt so happy to send him to daycare and let someone else deal with him.  I...We were both so done with him that day.  I know we shouldn't be, but we were both so mad at him.  Tony felt like he was doing it on purpose, I kept telling him, he is only a baby and he isn't doing it on purpose but Tony was ready to take him to the fire station for real that night.

Tony went to work and I skipped work and slept, while Jax had a great day at daycare.  I thought he might be tired or cranky but daycare said he was perfectly pleasant.  When I picked him up, he was happy to see me and all those mad feelings of mine went away right then.  I felt guilty for even having them.

I really wish we spoke baby language or he could tell us what is going on in his little head.  Things would be so much easier.

Hopefully this was a one time thing.

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