Thursday, February 2, 2012


So, Jax puked for the first time last night.  I know babies puke all the time, but this was the first real, disgusting, big boy puke of his life.  It was Gross with a capital G.

He started crying at around 1:45am, so I got up to go to him.  I went in the room and this horrid smell took over my nose. I had never smelled anything like that before. I had no idea what I was about to encounter.  I turned the lights on to see Jax standing in his crib looking for his pacifier.  I went to get it out of his bed and since I was still half asleep, I stuck my hand in this nasty gooey whiteish gunk.  I freaked out.  I didn't know what end of my kid whatever I had just touched came out of.  I looked down and saw green beans, macaroni and cheese bits and curdled milk all over the bed and Jax.

I don't do well with throw up.  I yelled for Tony to get up and help.  I cleaned up Jax and Tony cleaned the bed.  I took Jax into the bathroom and he began to puke again.  This time trying to do it all over me. he was heaving and breathing this nasty breathe all in my face.  I almost puked myself but I held it together somehow.  I held him over the sink and he just cried and puked.  He had no idea why his little body was doing this to him.  It was pretty sad to watch.  So I cleane dhim up again and tried rocking him but he wanted some milk, so I gave him a few ounces and rocked him some more. 

I told Tony to put a towel on our bed so Jax could sleep in there.  When I brought Jax into the bedroom, the towel was just thrown on top of the covers doing no good.  I had no hands to fix it so I told Tony, that if he pukes in the bed, he pukes in the bed and it's his fault.  So we all try to go to sleep and a few minutes later...splat, puke all over our bed.  Lovely!  We once again clean everyone up and realize that we didn't buy a second set of sheets for this bed, so we just laid a sheet over the bed, put a towel where Jax was laying and tried once again to go to sleep.  A few minutes later, Jax starts dry heaving.  It was so sad.  He was on all fours, heaving and I was on all fours, leaning over him, rubbing his back and Tony was telling him he'd be okay.  His little face, uh, it just looked so confused and scared.  Finally, he just collapsed and passed out and we all finally got some sleep.

This morning, Tony was pretty much pushed off the bed and Jax was sleeping horizontally.  I had to sleep facing away from him because his feet were in my face. 

He is doing fine today and Tony took him to daycare and they said that all the babies were puking yesterday so there must be a bug going around.  Great! :-p

Another first in parenthood but we all survived.

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  1. oh man, I hate the first puke! Shelby did it Christmas night, but not nearly as bad as Jax had it last night! Hope he feels better!