Friday, February 24, 2012


Jax has been doing some gymnastic moves lately.  He will stand in the kitchen, bend over, put his hands on the floor and stick his butt in the air and look though his legs to see if you are looking at him.  It's very cute.

I've never been to whole Foods before.  I wonder if I'm missing anything or if it's just an overpriced glamorized grocery store.  They probably have some different fruits and veggies that I could expose Jax to.

Jax has learned the word MINE and is using it all over the place.  Everything is MINE.  The air around him is MINE according to Jax.

We started listening to music at dinnertime.  Jax has begun to have an opinion on which songs he likes more than others.  When a slow song comes on, he will sway from side to side to the music.  When a fast rock song comes on, he will rock from side to side and kick his legs in his chair, and when an R&B song comes on with a good beat, he will bop his head, sway and kick his feet all at the same time.  The kid's definitely got some rhythm and knows what he likes.

We really need to teach him the correct meaning of the word NO.  Everything is no.  Ask him any question and he will answer... NO.  He has about 3 different versions of NO and they are all so freakin cute.  I never thought I'd love to hear the word so much.

He is a runner.  But he is also very clumsy and has the scratched knees to prove it.

He falls victim to the fake cry from mommy.  If I ask him for a kiss and he won't give it to me, I'll will fake cry and sniffle and he will come back over and give me a big kiss on the lips.  Sucker!  Just kidding. :-)

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