Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Random things

Last night, Jax asked to say his prayers for the first time.  Usually, as I am feeding him before bed, I look at him and say, "Do you want to say prayers?"  He looks at me and smiles and then says "prayas" (somehow, I have a kid with a northern accent).  Then I begin saying the the prayer and at the end when we are blessing everyone, he has started to say who he wants to bless without me suggesting it.  It is so cute, last night he added Sadie in there.  At the end, right before I say Amen, he gets real excited, smiles, takes a deep breath and waits for me to say Amen.  Then he says AAAMENNNNNNN!.   Cutest thing ever.

For the past few weeks, when we are in the car, in traffic, he has been saying "Move cars!"  I wonder where he got that from?

We went to the park this weekend.  Last time we went, he was afraid of the slide.  This time, he went right to it, and went down like he had been doing it forever.  Then he got right back up and climbed up and did it again.  He went down ever slide they had.  No fear.  Good boy.

He is a big flirt.  He had 3 waitresses and a bartender come over to our table to flirt with him at TGI Friday's this weekend.  He danced in his chair and talked them.  They all fell in love with him. 

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