Monday, June 4, 2012

21 months

I cannot believe that in 3 months my little bubba will be 2 years old.  That sounds so grown up and non baby to me.  But, even though he has shown us a bit of an independant streak this month, he also has shown us just how much of a baby he still is and how much he still needs us.

This month:
  • You vocabulary is off the charts lately.  You are saying phrases now and I can understand about 85% of what you say or what you want.
  • You say bless you when anyone sneezes or burps (including yourself) and excuse me when you fart. :-)
  • You think farting is funny.
  • You can say the alphabet all the way through and you can count to 10.  Most of the time we have to say the letter or number and you repeat it or you say the next letter or number by yourself.  You can say a few in a row all by yourself.
  • You went to the beach and got knocked down by a wave.  Now you are scared of the ocean.  You are scared of the pool but once you get used to it, you are fine.
  • You played in the sand.
  • You played in the rain and now anytime it rains you want to go outside and play.
  • You still wake up in the middle of the night and end up in our bed.  Sometimes you won't go to sleep until mommy does.  I don't mind you sleeping in our bed but you need to go to sleep at your bedtime so mommy and daddy can have some quality time.
  • You are a wiggle worm when you sleep.
  • You still love your bottle time and ask for it before bed.  I love the bonding we have when we do this. 
  • You like saying prayers and saying peoples names that we are praying for.  You anticipate saying Amen with a big smile on your face.  You say AMEN! real loud when we are done.  So cute.
  • You like waffles and blueberries.
  • You can say everybody's name now.
  • You are very stubborn.  You think we are joking when we tell you to stop doing certain things and you just keep right on doing them.  We are still figuring out how to discipline you.
  • You are such a picky eater.  We have begun the bad habit of bribing you to eat sometimes.  You can't survive on fishies.
  • I love the way you say daddy when he is playing with you.
  • You are learning to pretend with your toys.  You will feed them and kiss their boo boos.
  • You kiss boo boos if you accidentally hurt anyone.  You are such a sweet boy.
  • You know how to be gentle.
  • You get really animated about the Marley and the Two Kittens book.  You tell Marley No! No! when he is making a mess and being bad.
  • You can almost reach the pedals enough to push your tricycle around.  I think by your birthday, you will be big enough.
  • We have definitely reached the terrible twos.
You are such a fun lovable stubborn little boy. I love every part of you. You are growing up too fast. 

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