Monday, August 6, 2012

23 months

Only a few more weeks and you will be 2 years old.  I can't believe it.  You are changing every day and turning from my little baby into this wonderful little boy.  You are so smart and quick to learn things.  You give great big hugs and kisses and love to cuddle in the morning.
  • You sing your ABCs (or your ABs as you call them) in your own little order.  
  • You can pick out letters from words.  You know them from sight.
  • You can count to 12
  • You know that one hand equals 5 and two hands equals 10.
  • You learned to climb out of your crib, so now you are in your big boy bed.
  • You love your big boy bed, but it is a big transition to sleep in there all night.  
  • You still end up in our bed after a few hours.
  • You share your fishies with anyone who wants one, even Sadie.
  • You are wearing size 5 diapers, size 3T shirts, size 7 shoes, and size 2T shorts.  You are growing so fast.
  • Your have learned that you get what you want more often if you say please.
  • Your favorite foods are mac & cheese, turkey sandwich, bananas, grapes, watermelon, chicken, cheese, ham, mushroom rice, and chicken & rice soup from Panera
  • Your hate mashed potatoes just like your daddy.
  • You have peed on the potty 3x now.  
  • You don't like loud noises.
  • You saw daddy jump out of an airplane and fly down in a parachute.  Now you think there should be parachutes in the sky every time you see a plane.
  • You are reading and singing to yourself all the time now.  It is so cute.
  • Your favorite books are anything about Marley, Biscuit, Dora and Micky Mouse.
  • You ask to say prayers every night and you tell me who to bless and then I fill in anybody you can't remember.  You love to say Amen at the end.
  • You love stickers and fishies and we can now bribe you with them.  :-)
  • You help me clean up your toys every night.  
  • You help mommy and daddy put away the dishes from the dishwasher.  You love helping.
You are such a good kid.  We love you to pieces.  Can't wait to see what this month brings.

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  1. Oh my goodness, he is adorable! I love that first picture! 23 months?!? Time is going by so fast. My little man will be 23 months in just a few short days. Sniff sniff. Have a great day :)