Sunday, August 26, 2012

First Home Haircut

I have been debating on getting Jax's hair cut for a while now.  His little curls have been getting a bit out of control lately.  Although it is cute, I wanted him to have a clean up beofre his birthday.  So I decided to get his hair cut when I got mine cut today.  Well, he got sick a few days ago, so when it was time to go today, he just was not feeling it.  So I left him at home, much to my mom's rejoice.  My mom did not want me to cut his precious little baby curls off.  So she was a happy camper today.

When I got home, I decided, I would give it a go and see if he would et me cut it.  At first he said no and ran away, but once I offered him fishies if he let me cut it, he stand there and turned when I needed to get the back and sides like a pro.  He did such a good job and was so excited when we were done. 

I love his baby curls too, so I just gave t a trim and I think it turned out fine.  It just looks a little more cleaned up but he's still got his curls for the time being.

Without further adue...Here he is. :-)
See, I did fine.  He still looks beautiful.

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