Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Jax's first trip to Disney

The date was December 1, 2013.  We had decided that it would be best to take Jax to Disney for the Merry Christmas Parade thingy that they do since it is less crowded and he would get to ride most of the rides and see all the characters.  We stayed overnight at the contemporary so we could just come back and crash after our long night.
We got to the hotel around 4:30pm but somehow even with the Magic Kingdom being only one monorail ride away, we didn't get there until around 6pm.  We had to take the monorail over there and Jax loved it.  When we got there, the end of the daily parade was happening.  Jax was interested but didn't want any of the characters anywhere near him.  He was so excited to see all the Christmas lights and decorations though.  We got to see his favorite characters, Chip and Dale right away.
Once the parade ended, we took a bunch of pictures and went on to get our free cookies.  We each got 2.  We went to the Monsters Inc show and then we went on our first ride, the People Mover.  Jax thought it was so cool that we were so high up and he could sit all by himself.  We even went through Space (Space Mountain). :-) While we were on the People Mover, we showed him all the other rides and stuff we could do that night.
Our next ride was the Race Cars.  I let Tony and Jax go by themselves.  I didn't feel like getting crashed from behind again.  Tony let Jax steer and he pushed the gas.  Jax's little face just beamed, he was so excited.  He could barely see over the wheel but he drove that car.
Next up was the Teacups, a favorite of mine.  On our way there, we see a dance party was happening in one of the restaurants with Goofy and Pluto, so we decided to go in.  Jax was in a daze, just watching them dance.  He still didn't want to go anywhere near them, and he made us hold him the whole time.  But he was shaking his booty in our arms and on Tony's shoulders.
Once we left, we made it to the Teacups.  We spun around pretty fast and Jax tried to keep up on the wheel but we finally told heim to just sit back and get dizzy.  He did and he loved it.
Then we ate dinner.  Jax had a glass of whole milk with his dinner.  This will be important later.
Our next stop was Dumbo, another favorite of mine.  We all got to sit in one seat together.  They have redone Dumbo to be more smooth and less jerky when you go up and down.  I like it better the other way.  We still had a good time.  Jax liked flying.  Then we made it to It's a Small World and Jax was just fascinated by this ride. Our last ride was the Pirate's of the Caribbean.
After this we got some more cookies and made our way to get a spot for the parade.  On the way there, Jax complained that his tummy hurt and he didn't feel good.  Tony held him and we made our way through the crowd, as we are walking down the beginning of the parade route, jax once again complained about his tummy.  Tony told him he would probably through up in a few minutes.  Well, it took about 5 seconds and Jax puked all over Tony and Main street.  We tried to move out of the parade route but Jax puked again and then a 3rd time.  Finally, all these Disney people come over and start cleaning up the mess and I just said sorry to puke and run but I gotta clean them up.  So, we got everybody cleaned up and Jax said his belly felt much better.  Below is a picture of Jax after he got sick and feels better. :-)
So we watched the parade and then made our way to the front of the park where they had one more dance number for us to watch.  It was really cute and we got to see all the characters one more time.  It was almost midnight so we headed back to our hotel and went to bed. 
 The next day Jax made us ride the monorail one more time around the whole park.  It was a really neat experience for all of us to be there at Christmas time and for Jax's first time.

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