Thursday, January 9, 2014

There really is a Santa Claus.

This was the first year Jax really "got" the whole Santa thing.  The night before Christmas, we set up a plate of cookies and carrots and some egg nog for Santa and his reindeer and put it by the tree.  Jax was so excited to think Santa was coming that night.  He didn't go to bed until 11pm or so.  When we woke up, Jax watched one of his shows and then we made our way to the living room to see if Santa had come.

When we get out there, the plate had only a little bit of cookie left and the carrots are half gone and scattered around the table and the egg nog was half gone.  Jax said Santa was here! He ate my cookie! But didn't make that big of a deal about it.  Then he just continued to look at the presents that Santa brought him.  After a bit, he was looking on the ground and saw something that to him looked like "poop, reindeer poop". (It was actually a lovely hair ball from Joy the cat, but we just went along with it.) He yelled, that's reindeer poop daddy!  Santa let his reindeer poop on our floor!  We all laughed and then he saw another piece of "poop". Look! There is some more reindeer poop!  I said, well next year we are gonna have to tell Santa to clean up after his reindeer, aren't we.

Then he said, Santa really did come.

I just think it's funny that the "poop" is what made him truly believe.  Some people have hoof prints on their roof or driveway, we have reindeer poop in our living room. :-)

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