Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Some mornings

Most mornings, I get up alone in the darkness of my room, get ready for work, and then I go and kiss Tony goodbye and tell him to have a good day.  Then I go to the other side of my bed where Jax has scooted into my spot and kiss his little face and tell him I love him.  Sometimes he manages to say I love you too but most of the time he is fast asleep and then snuggles up to daddy.

But, some mornings I get the privilege of Jax waking up when I do for work. He will snuggle up to my head in bed when the alarm goes off and says you gotta go to work mommy?  And I say yes. Sometimes he doesn't want me to go and others he is okay with it. When I drag myself out of bed, he follows me and watches me get ready and we have a little chat.  When it is finally time for me to go, I go give Tony a kiss and tell him to have a good day like I always do and Jax walks me to the door.  On these days we get to give each other a big hug/lovin, and a big kiss and I tell him to be a good boy and have a fun day and then he watches out the window as I leave. 

I like those days best.  Makes me sad I have to leave him, but happy I got that little bit of alone time with him.  I got to do it with him today.  So today is a good far. :-)

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