Thursday, February 12, 2009

Catching up

Tony and I have been TTC since January 2008 with no success.  We went about it on our own until October 08.  I was getting impatient and figured something must be wrong.  My cycles were pretty normal and we were timing it perfectly.   Our insurance doesn't pay for any infertility treatments so we didn't need to wait until the one year mark to get testing.  Good thing we didn't wait.   To start off, we got his tests done which came back with some issues, but the doctor said we could still work with it.  Then it was my turn for tests.  Got lots of bw done and it all came back normal.  So next we had to make sure my tubes were clear.  I got an HSG in December and everything was clear.
Since endo runs in my family, the doctor suspected that might be part of the problem.  So he did an ultrasound and found some endometriosis.  Great!  So now we have 2 problems.  Which leads us to where we are today.  I am awaiting my March 6 appointment for a laparoscopy to get rid of the endo and hopefully we'll be able to do an IUI cycle next month.
That's it for catching up.

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