Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Time to pop some pills

Well, I saw the nurse today and she said my little ovaries look beautiful.  All systems are a go.  Got my prescription for the Letrazole and got it filled.  Now I'm just waiting to take the first dose.  I just hope these pills are much lighter on the side effects than Clomid.  Clomid was terrible.  I cried everyday for 6 weeks on those stupid pills.  I was big ball of mess on those.  They said these pills should be much better, but I'll believe it when I experience it.  So now that my body passed that test, the next test is next Wednesday.  Blood work and another ultrasound.  If I responded well to the pills, then we can really get the show on the road and do the IUI.   Please God let it happen finally. :-)

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