Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Got the go ahead

FINALLY we can start trying again.  We've been on hold since January because of my lap.  We had our appt with the dr. yesterday to figure out “the plan”.  He said we can start with the drugs next cycle.  Our magical cocktail includes Letrozole + Ovidrel + IUI= healthy baby…hopefully.

I also told my boss about some of the issues we are having.  I figured I am gonna be going to lots of dr. appts and taking random hours here and there, so instead of stressing over it, I just told her.  She was really good about it and very understanding.  She even cried with me for a minute, which was kinda weird but whatever.  That's a little weight off my shoulders.

I'm so ready to get this ball rolling.  This is gonna be a long month.

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