Monday, October 26, 2009


On the bench again. TOM arrived yesterday so now we are officially on hold until next year. I guess Tony will be getting his 2011 baby if we get one at all. I am being very negative right now but that's just how I feel. I feel defeated. I feel like this year is just like last year, a waste of time. We haven't gotten any closer to having a baby except that now we know what doesn't work. We still don't knwo what does work. Something could still be worng with me or him but we can't test for that until next year. Too many drugs and infections in me right now. And now IVF is truly a reality. We are probably gonna have to do it which sucks. It's so much money and so many shots and so many dr appts and just so much everything.
Anyway, I am once again giving myself the next couple of days to feel sorry for myself and then I will suck it up and try to have a happy Halloween, Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas.

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